Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dreaming Up My House

With no job, and no hobby (yet) I find myself wasting time away on the internet. That's why it was invented  right? I have decided to share some of my "discoveries" with you and my fellow interior design lovers. Just browsing, and I think I could design my entire house just by looking at pictures. Here they are!

Apparently I like this very light aqua color. It's just so bright and seems to have a very open feeling to both of these rooms which I love.

                           THINK PINK?I'm generally not a fan of pink at all, but there is something appealing about these rooms that I like. I doubt I will ever do anything this bold in my house, but its nice to look at ;D
Who wouldv'e thought pink kitchen cabinents? The chandelier adds a touch of "old romance" which makes the kitchen very feminie
The living room just very classy even though its decked in pink.
Great great lighting through out this house!

Ok now this is AMAZING!!!! I mean just look at it, I think it's self explanitory how great it is. I love the old english/modern twist to it, and the crown molding on the ceiling......Divine!

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking and finding them. Anyone want to start remodling your room? I do!

Quick Fix Tip #2
Along with the dryer sheets from yesterday. I know this will help people in Utah a lot more than people in California. Static in your hair? Well dryer sheets get the static out of your clothes, why wouldnt they get it out of your hair? It does! Just take one and run it through out all your hair solves the static problem for the time being. So now with little secrets you know about dryer sheets, maybe every woman should keep a stash in their purse next to your chapstick. A thought!


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  1. I have changed up the look in my living room area... and yes I'm using aqua!! I love it too. I'm going for a beach house look of sorts. Berlin you remind me so much of ME!! Scarey, I know.