Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Official Post

What do I want to accomplish with this blog? Well there are so many different things I want to do ill see if I can list a few.

Rediscover my passions
Discover new passions
Keep my mind off of other things
Have a positive escape
Dwell on the future not the past
I want to start really cooking and prove it
Share things I love with others
Help people?

    Ok so some of those sound a bit odd and how could a blog accomplish those. Don't doubt me and I'll show you :D I'm not an eloquent writer and maybe I'll get better for your sake (and to make me feel smart), so I apologize ahead of time. The title of my blog is actually significant believe it or not. I love rain, its pure bliss, and the way the rain falls whether it's a thunderstorm or just a sprinkle its so graceful. Running or walking in the rain I think about my worries, my hopes and dreams, lost opportunities, challenges, whatever I want. Through all of the heart ache I may bring back up through my thoughts it never seems to matter because the rain makes everything better. You could maybe say the rain is my shoulder or lean on or my gospel (its not literally), I know that life will go on in the rain. Believe me I have thought about living in Washington state multiple times, maybe in Seattle? So hopefully I answered a question or two some of you might have.
     With one of the things I want to accomplish; helping people, I know that sounds odd, but only in very small ways. I want to dedicate this part of my blog to my wonderful cousin Summer Florence. She truly has always been a great inspiration to me. Always there when I need her and always wanting to put me in a better mood, I am truly indebted to her. I've decided to "repay" her. At first she may think I'm crazy but she'll laugh I'm sure (I hope). I would consider myself a more logical thinker than her sometimes which is one of the reasons we get along so well because she's book smart so we even each other out, it's great. Sometimes she asks questions that I have to laugh at because I think they have easy answers. Well through the years I've learned that in reality I am the crazy one and others ask these questions also, so what I plan on doing is just sharing my "quick fix tips" as I like to call them. Maybe I can actually help instead of laughing this time? I'll start today!
Quick Fix Tip #1
Who doesn't use deodorant? I know all of us do, I prefer to use Ban's shower fresh (thank you Morgan and Summer), its a solid white kind. I don't like the gel ones, too messy for me. Often I wear dark colored shirts and make the mistake of putting on deodorant before I put on the shirt. The result, a lovely, very noticeable white mark on the sides of my shirt. How do you get it off? EASY! Like owning deodorant, you may also own dryer sheets you put in your dryer. Just grab one and rub it continuously over the spot on your shirt, its not a perfect fix, but not one your co workers will be staring at all day. TaDa!

Hope you have enjoyed my first official blog and I hope you keep following. I promise I wont let you down, who cant use a quick fix tip?
Thanks everyone for inspiring me,



  1. I am so excited about you blog!!!!!!! I just started one this year too. I love that you have a purpose for your thoughts. Mine is simply to have a record that would show that I actually have some kind of a life instead of just letting the years go by with nothing to show for it. I will be your biggest fan! My blog can be found at Love you, and I look forward to all your blogs :) Aunt Kathy

  2. yay berlin! I'm happy you have a blog! I will read it every day :) haha I love your quick fix tip i've never heard of using a dryer sheet that is great!!

  3. yay!!!!!! YOU HAVE A BLOG! Now we can be blogging buddies and stalk each others lives! :)

    the end!

    ps. i love you!