Monday, March 22, 2010

Must Have!

So I haven't been very good at my quick fix tips so I apologize for that. To make up for that I decided to write a few blogs on my must have lists, clothes, makeup, hair products. Stuff like that, that I spend way too much money on, but I love all these things :D To start I'll do makeup/hygiene products you must have. (There will be a lot of pictures)

Ok so this is lip balm from The Body Shop. I love this store its brilliant! I specifically love the pink grapefruit lip balm, its thick but not too thick where its "gunky" on your lips. Its very smooth and feel light on lips. With a great smell you cant miss. Retails for $8.00

This is Almays intense i-color mascara. It comes in multiple colors, but what makes it so great is all you have to look for is what color your eyes are and they have the right match to make you eye color pop! I love it because I have blue/green eyes so I actually have both mascara's, one for blue and one for green eyes. They also have a "shimmer" version of this mascara that adds a shimmer to eye lashes. Its not like you'll have glittery eyes, its hardly noticeable, but something I think adds to the overall look. Retails for $7.49

This is probably the most amazing product ever! No joke if you take anything from this post you have to at least try this. Its moisturizer, I first got it when I purchased Clinique's face wash kit. Once that was all gone I just had to purchase the moisturizer again. Mine is specifially for dry skin as I was living in Utah and always had dry skin. It was amazing how it made my skin feel after putting it on when its dry. I use it after the shower, after I wash my face. Very light you can hardly feel it go on and yet makes such a big difference. I wish I could persuade everyone to purchase this because its a miracle worker for all types of skin. Retails for $12.50-$24.00

So this sounds a bit odd because, yes Paul Mitchell doesnt sell makeup. Its not! Its actually used for dry hair to give it more moisture, but to be honest I think it stinks as a hair product. But of course as you know it has to have another use. Do any of you have a makeup primer you use? I find that makeup primers are usually too thick to be a primer, in my opinion. Well just spray this all over your face and its a fantastic. I know it sounds odd, but I promise it works. Retails for $20.96 (or drug store) $9.96

Hey hey what'd you know, another Body Shop product. This is the coconut body butter. Just like the lip palm its thick, but goes on lightly. The thing that I find so great about The Body Shop products is the scents. Their smells are almost identical to the actual smell of the fruit. Another one I recommend is the Satsuma body butter. Same as this product just a different smell. This is another thing I cant emphazie how great it is, you'll just have to try it yourself. Its a bit pricey you may think but it lasts a long time, at least 6 months depending on how much you use it maybe even more. Retails for $20.00 (right now on the website buy one get 50% off, great deal)
First of all always always buy O.P.I. nail polish. Its what they use in nail salons and it great! What im actually showing this is for the color. I know odd but I believe that everyone must have a light pink shade of nail polish. Its so classy! Even a lighter shade than this of pink if great, its just a great color that looks good with almost everything. O.P.I. nail polish retails for $7.50 (depedning on where you get it)

So last but not least brushes. These are also from The Body Shop. Great natural brushes and hey The Oprah Magazine even recommends them, Mac brushes are great too about the same to me and these ones are cheaper : D This is the mini brush set so its great! Retails for $18.50 (normal size brushes retail for $15-$26)

So thats all I have for today. Hope you enjoyed it I love these products and you should give them a try, but beware, you'll probably fall in love with them.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Time Heals All Wounds"

It has been said 'Time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it never goes away.
                                                                                                           -Rose Kennedy

I think I'd have to agree with Rose Kennedy. I may only be 20 but I have gone through my fair share of pain which has left some, if I may say so, pretty deeps cuts/wounds. For things that have happened in the past I have forgiven people in my life that I feel have caused or helped in the process of receiving a wound. That seems to have put my mind and sanity at rest therefore making "scar tissue". Its not an easy thing to forgive someone for something that caused you pain and agony, but in the long run ultimately you learn and grow from the situation, hopefully not to repeat it. However just because you may have learned a big lesson from your or others actions doesnt mean the memory of the hurt and pain goes away.

 For example; I was watching Oprah last night and she had a family and a man on death row on. The man (uncle to 3 of the children, and father to two) had murdered his estranged wife, his wife's brother, and his wife. He just walked into the house and shot them, while there were 5 children in the house. There was a 9 year old who had to walk over her aunts dead body to try and find her 3 year old brother who was in his parents room, where their father was lying dead. Some how never seeing their mother dead on the steps. Could you imagine being that young and seeing and knowing that all the adults in your family were gone? That is one huge wound (to put it lightly) to have for 14 years of your life. I cant even put into words how I think I might have felt and still be feeling. Oprah gave the family members the opportunity to talk to their uncle who had shot and killed their loved ones. It was interesting hearing them talk to them, they hadnt seen him since after his trial so it had been over a decade since they'd seen him. The mother of the two adults who were shot thought that he full on deserved the death penalty because he had killed 3 other people and he didnt deserve to live. But the children thought otherwise, they thought he did not need to be sentence to death because him dying wasnt going to bring back their parents. Which is true 3 lives have already been taken why one more? All the children had forgiven him, they didnt even care if he was sorry, they had moved past it and were living their currents lives. So in their case you could say time heals all wounds, but it didnt. They still hurt have to deal with the fact that their parents werent there for graduations, getting married, having kids. Times that are suppose to be the happiest moments of your life are bitter sweet. (my other random side note; I agree with the kids I dont think he should be put to death, I think living with the thought and agony that you murdered 3 people would be much worse than dying, but than again once he dies it wont be a very pleasant ride hereafter either?)

So I know that was a bit random but I think it (sort of) proves my point of view. The wounds will be there forever! What matters is how you treat the wound. Can you remember being a little child and wanting to pick at a scab and your mom telling you not to because it will scar? If you constantly are bringing up pain from the past than you will have a huge scar if it ever heals into a scar. You might even get lucky and choose not to pick at the scab and than have no scar left at all. In a perfect world time would heal all wounds, but than how would we grow and learn from our mistakes, become better people? I dont think we would (sounds a bit like satans plan to me?)! My wounds wont be healed with time, I can only hope I know how to take care of them and leave little scarring.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars: Fashion Showdown

For those of you who know me well know that I love fashion. I could constatnly think about fashion 24/7, unfortunately I do have somewhat of a life. I haven't written in a few days and decided that i'd share with you my thoughts on some of the gowns worn at the Oscars. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :D

Ok so this dress is a littler different. Designer: Elie Saab(Anna Kendrick also wore this designer). But Rachel McAdams worn it so well, im sure her stylist helped her choose it, butt still props to her. I love that she isnt wearing a necklace or bracelet. It just seems to draw more attention to the dress instead of jewelry. Its a pale color, but brighter than her skin so it works. Bold move to wear a pattern also, similar to the one Maggie Gyllenhal wore or well with a flower pattern anyway. I also like that it starts flowing out mid waist, such a flattering line on just about every one.

Great color for her. Designer: She's not a big star and yet I love this dress. Its got sort of a "pioneer" look to it with the ruffles towards the bottom and gathering a bit above the bottom. She has curves, but not tons, so a mermaid style dress works well with her body type. You would think that there might be too much going on with the ruffling and the sash, but its far enough away and flows nicely enough not to get in the way. I like it, some critics may not, but im not really looking for their input on my opinions.

I know she hasn't been getting great reviews, but I think other wise. Designer: Chanel Coutoure. I tried to find a good picture and I think this is the best one because it shows the front as well as the back. I prefer the back, I think the straps are flattering because they go out a little further than most straps showing off her tones back. Also how it is gathered below her butt is actually quite flattering, I dont go around looking at her butt. Although I know for me I dont have the greatest one so something like this would emphasize and make it look bigger which is nice haha! The pale yellow is gorgeous with her skin color also. I like the pale colors this year. The front is a little odd with the strap going practicaly across her collar bone, but I dont find it too horrible. I like it way better than her dress last year. She takes risks which is admirable.
Again with the pale colors. Designer: Dior. Um why would Dior ever make something like this? Charlize we realize you have not chest but why choose to emphasize this with rose shaped things on your chest. The fact that its split in the middle makes it that much worse. The back is very very chic, take a look from the front and you cant help but look away. Its almost awkward having to look at it. Im disappointed she usually does a lot better.

Designer: Reem Acra. I have never heard of this designer, I also hope to never hear of them again. The only comment I really have on this is I would like to know what was going through Nicole Richies head when she picked this? It's absolutely hideous, the only thing it "flatters" is her old habits of being trashy!

Designer: Jenny Packham.Also not a very well known stylist. I am probably a bit biased as I am not a fan of Miley in general, the dress just adds to my opinions. First, as far as I am aware shes 17.......act your age would ya? Second pick a dress that is actually going to fit you and you dont have to slouch in every picture so you dont have a Keira Knightley incident. Whats up with the hair? is it suppose to be all up in the front or what? I guess to an extent it could be flattering but its just not. Its pale, I love pale colors as I have said above, but it doesnt go with her skin tone at all. I just think it was a horrible choice for someone who cant wear it and shouldnt be at the academy awards.

Anyway its late and I am being beckoned to get off, so im gonna go but ya just some random thoughts on the wonderful Oscars and the (usually) beautiful gowns.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Ode" to Thoreau (not intended for singing)

I have grown to have great respect and admiration for Abraham Lincoln, and Henry David Thoreau. For as long as I can remember Lincoln has always stuck in my head, he's such a strong person and had so many personal experiences in his life that he learned from and in turn helped make our country a little better. Thoreau is very self explanatory, but to be honest I dont know quite as much about him as I do Lincoln. Gandhi a great man himself said this on the essay Henry wrote; Civil Disobedience. 
"Thoreau was a great writer, philosopher, poet, and withal a most practical man, that is, he taught nothing he was not prepared to practice in himself. He was one of the greatest and most moral men America has produced. At the time of the abolition of slavery movement, he wrote his famous essay "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience". He went to gaol for the sake of his principles and suffering humanity. His essay has, therefore, been sanctified by suffering. Moreover, it is written for all time. Its incisive logic is unanswerable."
—"For Passive Resisters" (1907)[17]
1967 U.S. postage stamp honoring Thoreau
(I wonder what it'd cost to get my hands on one of these)

I think that everyone knows or at least has heard one of Henry David Thoreau's quotes or poems in their life time. A simple quote of his I enjoy is "Dreams are the touchstones of our character". Simple, yet so much meaning behind it. Here's one I have been pondering for most of the day.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the sound of a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured of far away."

I've noticed that I am trying to dissect it and figure out all of its meaning. I'd like to know what your take on this is. I dont care if its surface stuff or indepth. I'm just curious how others view it, since we all have ou own opinions. I would share with you my thoughts on it, but I cant quite grasp my head around it. Believe me I tried writing out my thoughts and feelings on it just to have another thought enter into my mind. I finally came to the conclusion that it was just a web of nonsense (reading it as an ousider I would think). So just let me know, I hope its as perplexing to you as I find it, yet wonderfully amazing.


sorry I didnt have time to proof read it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Perfect Day

The clips here are from the movie The Ultimate Gift with Drew Fuller. If you have not seen this movie you should. It's not a main stream film, but there are so many messages, morals, and experiences to receive from this movie. After seeing it, I suggest putting it on your "Must Buy" list.

Preface to these clips; first off sorry the clips are so long but they cut out in the middle of what I wanted to share which is why there is two. If you start the first clip at about 3 min you should be alright. The second clip just watch up till about 35 seconds. Well feel free to watch it all, that's just the part I will be touching on. I've never tried to add youtube things on here so I'm hoping it works. I put both on also to give you a better feel for the movie and help you understand it (if you havent seen it hat is).
(so its not working how I want it to so here are the links to it)



"My dream, my dream was a perfect day, and I'm just finishing it. My dream was to be with the people I love, that love each other, that love me."

Yes I realize this is just a movie, BUT how profound is this in so many ways? I am adopting this as my perfect day, now that I've done that, isn't everyday perfect? To be with people you love could be parents, siblings, cousins, roommates, best friends. Here I am living at home thinking my days are boring and I have nothing to do but lounge, me, me, me! What about those people I am around when " I'm bored"? The people that love me the most, my family. As much as they might be frustrated with me, they still love me. So yes I am currently not surrounded by friends but I'm surrounded by the people who love me most. To be with people that love each other; since we are a family we do love each other. I am not with prince charming, lover boy, or mr. incredible but that doesn't mean I don't have love for family members? Life still goes on without mr. right(or wrong in my case). He may not love you, so what! You've got family and friends who care about you more than you thought until you step out of the box and realize you've been "shutting out" those who love you most. I am surrounded by people who love each other. People that love me, it always seems to take something drastic in my life to realize that there are other people who love me besides a boy, besides one single boy I have tons of friends, family members, and adults in my home ward that love me. So today is a perfect day. The crazy thing about all of this is even if I didn't have a family, or Friends, or people that love and love me, there's still Heavenly Father. He gives us the people we love, lets us love each others, and most importantly loves me. So why wouldn't everyday be a perfect day? I am going to try and remember this everyday, when I wake up, shower, eat, run errands. If we ingrain it into our minds that we're having a perfect day couldn't it be? Just my thoughts on one part of this movie. There are so many different things I can and have taken from it, I watch it over and over again! Sorry if it doesn't make a ton of sense its such good stuff, my mind is going a thousand miles a min and putting it on paper can be difficult. Anyway we'll see if I can refrain from writing a new blog everyday haha. Thanks for reading!