Monday, March 22, 2010

Must Have!

So I haven't been very good at my quick fix tips so I apologize for that. To make up for that I decided to write a few blogs on my must have lists, clothes, makeup, hair products. Stuff like that, that I spend way too much money on, but I love all these things :D To start I'll do makeup/hygiene products you must have. (There will be a lot of pictures)

Ok so this is lip balm from The Body Shop. I love this store its brilliant! I specifically love the pink grapefruit lip balm, its thick but not too thick where its "gunky" on your lips. Its very smooth and feel light on lips. With a great smell you cant miss. Retails for $8.00

This is Almays intense i-color mascara. It comes in multiple colors, but what makes it so great is all you have to look for is what color your eyes are and they have the right match to make you eye color pop! I love it because I have blue/green eyes so I actually have both mascara's, one for blue and one for green eyes. They also have a "shimmer" version of this mascara that adds a shimmer to eye lashes. Its not like you'll have glittery eyes, its hardly noticeable, but something I think adds to the overall look. Retails for $7.49

This is probably the most amazing product ever! No joke if you take anything from this post you have to at least try this. Its moisturizer, I first got it when I purchased Clinique's face wash kit. Once that was all gone I just had to purchase the moisturizer again. Mine is specifially for dry skin as I was living in Utah and always had dry skin. It was amazing how it made my skin feel after putting it on when its dry. I use it after the shower, after I wash my face. Very light you can hardly feel it go on and yet makes such a big difference. I wish I could persuade everyone to purchase this because its a miracle worker for all types of skin. Retails for $12.50-$24.00

So this sounds a bit odd because, yes Paul Mitchell doesnt sell makeup. Its not! Its actually used for dry hair to give it more moisture, but to be honest I think it stinks as a hair product. But of course as you know it has to have another use. Do any of you have a makeup primer you use? I find that makeup primers are usually too thick to be a primer, in my opinion. Well just spray this all over your face and its a fantastic. I know it sounds odd, but I promise it works. Retails for $20.96 (or drug store) $9.96

Hey hey what'd you know, another Body Shop product. This is the coconut body butter. Just like the lip palm its thick, but goes on lightly. The thing that I find so great about The Body Shop products is the scents. Their smells are almost identical to the actual smell of the fruit. Another one I recommend is the Satsuma body butter. Same as this product just a different smell. This is another thing I cant emphazie how great it is, you'll just have to try it yourself. Its a bit pricey you may think but it lasts a long time, at least 6 months depending on how much you use it maybe even more. Retails for $20.00 (right now on the website buy one get 50% off, great deal)
First of all always always buy O.P.I. nail polish. Its what they use in nail salons and it great! What im actually showing this is for the color. I know odd but I believe that everyone must have a light pink shade of nail polish. Its so classy! Even a lighter shade than this of pink if great, its just a great color that looks good with almost everything. O.P.I. nail polish retails for $7.50 (depedning on where you get it)

So last but not least brushes. These are also from The Body Shop. Great natural brushes and hey The Oprah Magazine even recommends them, Mac brushes are great too about the same to me and these ones are cheaper : D This is the mini brush set so its great! Retails for $18.50 (normal size brushes retail for $15-$26)

So thats all I have for today. Hope you enjoyed it I love these products and you should give them a try, but beware, you'll probably fall in love with them.


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