Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars: Fashion Showdown

For those of you who know me well know that I love fashion. I could constatnly think about fashion 24/7, unfortunately I do have somewhat of a life. I haven't written in a few days and decided that i'd share with you my thoughts on some of the gowns worn at the Oscars. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :D

Ok so this dress is a littler different. Designer: Elie Saab(Anna Kendrick also wore this designer). But Rachel McAdams worn it so well, im sure her stylist helped her choose it, butt still props to her. I love that she isnt wearing a necklace or bracelet. It just seems to draw more attention to the dress instead of jewelry. Its a pale color, but brighter than her skin so it works. Bold move to wear a pattern also, similar to the one Maggie Gyllenhal wore or well with a flower pattern anyway. I also like that it starts flowing out mid waist, such a flattering line on just about every one.

Great color for her. Designer: She's not a big star and yet I love this dress. Its got sort of a "pioneer" look to it with the ruffles towards the bottom and gathering a bit above the bottom. She has curves, but not tons, so a mermaid style dress works well with her body type. You would think that there might be too much going on with the ruffling and the sash, but its far enough away and flows nicely enough not to get in the way. I like it, some critics may not, but im not really looking for their input on my opinions.

I know she hasn't been getting great reviews, but I think other wise. Designer: Chanel Coutoure. I tried to find a good picture and I think this is the best one because it shows the front as well as the back. I prefer the back, I think the straps are flattering because they go out a little further than most straps showing off her tones back. Also how it is gathered below her butt is actually quite flattering, I dont go around looking at her butt. Although I know for me I dont have the greatest one so something like this would emphasize and make it look bigger which is nice haha! The pale yellow is gorgeous with her skin color also. I like the pale colors this year. The front is a little odd with the strap going practicaly across her collar bone, but I dont find it too horrible. I like it way better than her dress last year. She takes risks which is admirable.
Again with the pale colors. Designer: Dior. Um why would Dior ever make something like this? Charlize we realize you have not chest but why choose to emphasize this with rose shaped things on your chest. The fact that its split in the middle makes it that much worse. The back is very very chic, take a look from the front and you cant help but look away. Its almost awkward having to look at it. Im disappointed she usually does a lot better.

Designer: Reem Acra. I have never heard of this designer, I also hope to never hear of them again. The only comment I really have on this is I would like to know what was going through Nicole Richies head when she picked this? It's absolutely hideous, the only thing it "flatters" is her old habits of being trashy!

Designer: Jenny Packham.Also not a very well known stylist. I am probably a bit biased as I am not a fan of Miley in general, the dress just adds to my opinions. First, as far as I am aware shes 17.......act your age would ya? Second pick a dress that is actually going to fit you and you dont have to slouch in every picture so you dont have a Keira Knightley incident. Whats up with the hair? is it suppose to be all up in the front or what? I guess to an extent it could be flattering but its just not. Its pale, I love pale colors as I have said above, but it doesnt go with her skin tone at all. I just think it was a horrible choice for someone who cant wear it and shouldnt be at the academy awards.

Anyway its late and I am being beckoned to get off, so im gonna go but ya just some random thoughts on the wonderful Oscars and the (usually) beautiful gowns.



  1. I LOVED Miley's gown, but yes, it needs to be on someone else who is small enough and great enough to be there haha Anna Kendrick wore one of my favorites, as well as Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz,Elizabeth Banks, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zoe Saldana (it was different but I really really liked it).I hated Charlize Theron's with you. And Vera Famigal?'s was super different but I liked it. We should watch it together next year. I don't know why I get so much excitement out of it, but I DO!!!

  2. Loved your comment about Miley. did she perform a song? Also why was Nicole there? Sometimes I wonder about who they invite to these things seems like they are just letting anyone in these days :)

  3. Loved your comments, you go girl! My absolutely favorite dress and entire look was Sandra Bullock. She looked like an oscar winner. Also loved Kate Winslet's entire look as well. And a shout out to the men... Ryan Reynolds, yow-zah! 'nuff said!