Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Time Heals All Wounds"

It has been said 'Time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it never goes away.
                                                                                                           -Rose Kennedy

I think I'd have to agree with Rose Kennedy. I may only be 20 but I have gone through my fair share of pain which has left some, if I may say so, pretty deeps cuts/wounds. For things that have happened in the past I have forgiven people in my life that I feel have caused or helped in the process of receiving a wound. That seems to have put my mind and sanity at rest therefore making "scar tissue". Its not an easy thing to forgive someone for something that caused you pain and agony, but in the long run ultimately you learn and grow from the situation, hopefully not to repeat it. However just because you may have learned a big lesson from your or others actions doesnt mean the memory of the hurt and pain goes away.

 For example; I was watching Oprah last night and she had a family and a man on death row on. The man (uncle to 3 of the children, and father to two) had murdered his estranged wife, his wife's brother, and his wife. He just walked into the house and shot them, while there were 5 children in the house. There was a 9 year old who had to walk over her aunts dead body to try and find her 3 year old brother who was in his parents room, where their father was lying dead. Some how never seeing their mother dead on the steps. Could you imagine being that young and seeing and knowing that all the adults in your family were gone? That is one huge wound (to put it lightly) to have for 14 years of your life. I cant even put into words how I think I might have felt and still be feeling. Oprah gave the family members the opportunity to talk to their uncle who had shot and killed their loved ones. It was interesting hearing them talk to them, they hadnt seen him since after his trial so it had been over a decade since they'd seen him. The mother of the two adults who were shot thought that he full on deserved the death penalty because he had killed 3 other people and he didnt deserve to live. But the children thought otherwise, they thought he did not need to be sentence to death because him dying wasnt going to bring back their parents. Which is true 3 lives have already been taken why one more? All the children had forgiven him, they didnt even care if he was sorry, they had moved past it and were living their currents lives. So in their case you could say time heals all wounds, but it didnt. They still hurt have to deal with the fact that their parents werent there for graduations, getting married, having kids. Times that are suppose to be the happiest moments of your life are bitter sweet. (my other random side note; I agree with the kids I dont think he should be put to death, I think living with the thought and agony that you murdered 3 people would be much worse than dying, but than again once he dies it wont be a very pleasant ride hereafter either?)

So I know that was a bit random but I think it (sort of) proves my point of view. The wounds will be there forever! What matters is how you treat the wound. Can you remember being a little child and wanting to pick at a scab and your mom telling you not to because it will scar? If you constantly are bringing up pain from the past than you will have a huge scar if it ever heals into a scar. You might even get lucky and choose not to pick at the scab and than have no scar left at all. In a perfect world time would heal all wounds, but than how would we grow and learn from our mistakes, become better people? I dont think we would (sounds a bit like satans plan to me?)! My wounds wont be healed with time, I can only hope I know how to take care of them and leave little scarring.


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  1. So true Berlin I totally agree with you. There are sometimes when past choices cross my mind and i remember how it hurt. Like you said the thing for us to do is look at our mistakes and learn from them and move on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!