Monday, April 5, 2010

What Would I Do Without It

I dont really have time to update with pictures and such right now but I wanted to blog as today is a better day than the last time I blogged.

So today I made or well more so announce probably one of the biggest if not the biggest choice of my entire life, and ya know what it feels really good. Of course I still have to wait for a reply which is torture, but I'm pretty sure I wont be heartbroken. I have about a thousand others.

I got a fathers blessing this morning and I forgot how good those make you feel. Its just an exciting and wonderful thing that we have in our daily lives to help us along the road. I know that I would be completely lost without the gospel and blessing of the priesthood. Especially at this time in my life, it makes you feel almost bad for those who dont have what we have in our daily lives. Also the fact that I can surround myself with the type of people I want to be like and who influence me in a positive way is great.

Well its short today, and yet again I'm getting kicked off since we're traveling and others need to go to sleep in the same room as me unfortunately. I hope everyone is doing well, thanks for reading again!


Friday, April 2, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea

Hello, sorry its been a while yet again im on the road per se and enjoying it. Yes my feet are killing me and I want to sit down every second. I even think we've walked over a marathon while in D.C. going from Smithsonian to Smithsonian. Nevertheless I love traveling, and I love going to places from my childhood. This whole trip reminds me of my childhood on the east coast. I miss it, no worrying about real things, just living life to the fullest. Its a bit hard to do right now given everything. Dont worry I'll try to stay positive in this blog I just heard some news that pisses me off quite a bit, but makes me want to cry out of devastation, and yet I should be happy, but dont know how to react. Seems like thats how life has been handbook on how to act in certain situations......I must be PMSing! So to not be super negative, im going to show lots and lots of pictures. I mean TONS. How can you go on a trip and not expect pictures upon pictures right? So hope you enjoy.
Ok so crazy design right? This is in what they called "The Palace" in colonial Willaimsburg(it was nothing what I would expect a palace to look like, just a very large colonial house) Apparently all the Mayors lived in this house. One mayor had 592 weapons displayed at a time, of course it was ransaked of all the original weapons during a war.

Me and my new friend.....I was unaware of a picture being taken, but I think its cool shows the road and all, the cobblestone to the left is the original road from the 1600's. Oh this is also Colonial Williamsburg.

This isnt that interesting.....unless it reminds you of a childhood memory like me! All it is snowcones, but its "stuffed" or thats what they call it. They have soft serve ice cream inside of it odd but so good. So i've never had this before, but when I was little after my softball games we would sometimes go to a snowcone shop and they put marshmallows in the bottom of the snowcones, like the jiffy puff kind.

Back in Colonial Willaimsburg for the second day. We're listening to some guy tell us about how they use to make bricks....We are all very very interested in what we're hearing :D

So glad I'm a modern day Hair Stylist!

Busch Gardens and it was cold cold cold! Not as cold as the day before which I dont have any pictures of since I was too cold hahahahaha!

Smithsonian, American Indian Museum. pretty cool huh?

In front of the Whitehouse. Ironically practically right across the street from all the major banks in America. I bet Obama loves that thrown in his face.

This is MY wall or thats what I'd like to think anyway, or then it came down because of me hehe. This is in the Smithsonian of American History.

I'm going to stop here because, well because if I dont there might be a war.....I still have plenty of pictures from Washington D.C. that I will hopefully be putting up soon. Very soon! Its nice not living with technology for a while especially when thats how news travels. Anyway its getting interesting over hear I think I'll escape and take a shower. More, better things to come I promise