Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrity Crushes

I know im writing new posts all the time, so some of you have a lot of reading to do. Im just bored out of my mind and check my email and facebook a trillion times a day and this is an alternative to that. So the more comments the better hahaha!!!!! But ya so as I was doing nothing online the other day I decided to find pictures of my celebrity crushes. For no good reason, but now that reason has become to share with you all. So thats exactly what Im going to do (I dont have celebrity crushes on women, so its only men)
David Boreanaz he's on the tv show Bones right now he play Seely Booth and they call him Booth which is kinda hot for some reason, apparently he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer also, but I never watched that I was too young. Plus looking at pictures of him from it, he wasnt very attractive than. He's a lot finer now. I dunno got that cute innocent boyish look but still a mans man if you know what im trying to say.

GAH! someone pinch me! If you dont find Ryan Reynolds attractive than I dont associate with you. he's so attractive; looks good clean cut and scruffy (my favorite). Not to mention he has the most amazing abs in the world. Which isnt what makes me most attracted to him, but lets me honest it doesnt bring his points down. I havent seen him in a ton of movies I think I've only seen him in like 2, but ever since The Proposal (which is hilarious, my fav part is Sandra Bullock singing in the forest with Gammy) he's been on my list.
Last but not least, Eric Bana! Come on he's just got that smile that says "come fly away with me I will hold you and make all your cares and worries disappear" or you hear a Michael Buble song playing in the background(I wish every guy came with a song to let you know their character). Again I think he looks best partially scruffy, but looks good clean shaven. Kinda got that fatherly look to him(maybe cuz he's old enough to be my dad), but its so comforting?????I dunno im probably crazy.

So if you cant tell im missing being having a guy and being in love and all those fun feelings. HAHA thats why we have celebrity or just any old crush right? The funny thing to me though is that I dont think I have ever dated a guy who looks anything similar to these guys. I mean i've dated decently tall ppl, but they all tend to have light brown hair (or red i suppose). I mean im not complaining if I come across a Ryan Reynolds look alike and end up marrying him, psh I dont think anyone would be complaining. My Dad always tells me I can do better (usually after a relationship is over and its what he's suppose to say), and sometimes I actually believe him. I mean of course he's taken more into it than just looks but looks have a play in it. Sometimes I think my Dad gives me too much credit for how attractive I am, but I do know that when I believe him, like truly believe him I feel so happy and great because not only do I believe it, but someone else recognizes it. For instance like when you look in the mirror sometimes after you're done getting ready and you just think you look so great. The best you can look! You're just beaming and you feel good about yourself and that comes across on your face for everyone to see (this usually happens to me when I have nowhere to go). You just soak up those minutes and if you pass a mirror....sure why not do a double take of yourself, you're freaking hot, who cares if someone else catches you and they think your vain. Your not because this isnt a daily occuring thing haha. Anyway know I feel like I should be a narrator for some fashion/self image movie.

My celebrity crushes are wonderful. Yes I miss being in love and having someone to hold me and help me through the hard times. I mean who doesn't miss or want for that? But we all have those days and a new one, better one will come along......Maybe on that day, you'll meet prince charming, who knows? Wishes can come true (and you should believe me of all people that they do). Thanks for reading again.

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