Thursday, May 27, 2010

Livvy's First Onesie

         Ok so my mother tracked me down yesterday "because I looked cute" to take a picture of my bump......and my face, (as Im sure youve noticed) ive only been taking pictures of my stomach so far. But I had really red eyes and im making a weird face, so I cut my face off! but ill post it because im wearing a tighter shirt so you can actually see the bump, I actually think its grown since last week.UGH! This is 25 1/2 weeks.
 So on an earlier post I had posted a pink onesie I saw on and I mentioned I wanted to do that. So yesterday I went to wal mart and bought 2 onesies (newborn ones) Theyre long sleeve and I know shes due at the beginning of Sept, but I mean itll get colder soon after so I figured it'd be ok, that and they didnt have a 2 pack of short sleeved ones, only 5 packs.
This is the one I made! It actually took a lot longer than I think it shouldve, and not as neat as I would have liked it, but thats ok it was my first try and I wanted to get it done the day I started it. I love the fabric of the kite, you cant really see the print since its so tiny, but the whole piece of fabric is adorable.

This is a little better of the fabric. I even did the whole blanket stitching thing around the edges :D Im kinda proud of myself. Dont tell anyone but I sort of enjoy being "domestic", for those of you who knew me in High School know that I wasnt a huge fan of Young Womens because they always drilled it into your head that you had to become a "homemaker", I hated that word and I still hate that word. But I do enjoy doing things "homemakers" do. I think I like it better because I dont have someone harping on me to become that. Besides I add my own little twist to it haha. I also think im going to make a little skirt out of the same fabric as the kite it I have enough! How cute would that be?????? And I still have one more onesie to do whatever I want to it. I like this, having something semi productive to do during the day :D

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