Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Things

So I had a request to write more often which is ironic since at the beginning I was completely addicted. Well this person also inspired me for this post! Shes an AMAZING person not all caps too:D

While pondering, thinking and doing all that fun stuff that goes on in my brain I realized that I have never explained my web address (is that what its called?) "WhitePaperPackages". It doesnt exactly make sense when the title of my blog is Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.....but just wait itll make perfect sense once I tell you (go figure). So ya know the song from Sound Of Music? "raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, whitepaperpackages tied up with string"? Ringing a bell? So thats where I got it from because my blog is ultimately about my favorite things and the rain/dancing in/ singing in/walking in the rain is one of my absolute favorite things I thought it was very fitting to entitle my blog that. I hope you were able to follow that ridiculous explanation.

So my friend had a blog and listed 7 things you might not know about her. So I have decided to let you know some of my most favorite things/things you may not know about me. Believe it or not writing this blog makes me all giddy......the things that I like, I love because I really feel like they make me a part of who I am the parts I find most interesting, silly, hilarious, unique, bizarre, but absolutely wonderful. So more or less this post is to brag about myslef and how great I think I am. (see I am funny, which makes it follow?) Oh and beware this could go on forever.

1. My favorite holiday is 4th of July; I think because we usually bbq and we're usually with family.

2. I LOVE birthdays! not only my own but anyone that I know. Especially when I have money, its the day you were born which is awesome and you turn a year older which may not be the fun part but its another year/great time to start fresh!

3. My favorite day of the year besides my birthday is May 24th dont know why but I love may and I love even numbers especially 24 (its my fav # if you didnt catch on), I would love to get married on that day, what a perfect day.Dont worry I have 5 or 6 years before it lands on a weekend.

4. A few of my favorite things to buy, like not just something to buy, but something that makes me high happy, or can make my whole week better; Mascara (I have only gotten the same one twice I always try new ones), new designer jeans, like 100+  (no its doesnt happen that often), new pajama/lounge wear bottoms, new blankets (mostly homemade ones especially ones from my mommy), picture frames/anything for interior decorating I love changing up my room, salt & vinegar chips random I know but I think they're sooooo good! Thats all I can think of now, but im sure theres more to come

5. The smell of the mens department at Nordstrom (thanks Dad)

6. I love that I ask my Dad for "fashion advice", besides the fact that he worked at Nordstrom for 10 years, who better to ask than your Dad. As weird as it may be to think he's a guy, just like the guys you want to date/marry so he lets me know if its something a guy would like, not really care what you look like that day, or if its ugly. But he puts it nicely

7. When my Mom and I carry on a real conversation especially if its something not important

8. I enjoy living vicariously through reality TV such as the bachelor/bachelorette.

9. My Puppy!!!!! he can be vicious and he barks a lot, but he's my baby. I got him for my 16th birthday and it seems like he's always there when I need him. He knows when Im crying and will let me hold him and sometimes snuggles with me. Yet he enjoys playing fetch and rolling around which is so adorable. He's cutest when he sleeps in a ball he curls up in.

10. I love daydreaming!!!!!! thinking up my next life plan, or planning my wedding, even what my future/dream house will look like.

11. I like that Im a big dreamer, I wish I would follow through with them more often, but im hoping someday ill get the hang of it and achieve all those things I dream up

 12. Like the fact that I have a list of baby names about 25 for both girls and boys. Most of them very unique and different also.

13. is my other favorite number its the only odd number I like and I like it because of the whole superstition thing I find it so fascinating and bizarre

14. Driving with my windows down when its a tad bit chilly and turning my heater on, i never want to own a car that doesnt have a sun roof

15. Like that I've lived so many different places

16. Think the world of my extended family! For the most part they always make me happy when im around them whether it be all of them, or just a few. I feel like I beam when im with them, we're just close knit and always enjoy each others company.

17.Love that my family play shanghi which I call the family card game! when we get together as a family your almost guaranteed to either have a bbq or play a game of cards.......Love It!

18. Enjoy the fact that my dad is very business oriented and has always talked real estate or finances with me. Its why my major is Business Management/Entrepreneurship. I like that I know things about investing and real estate that your "average" 20 year old wouldnt know

19. This might be interesting to some of you, and some of you will have no idea what im talking about. So sometimes when I talk it can come across like I have an english accent. Like in the way I phrase a sentence will sound more like a question it goes up towards the end. ugh im not sure how to explain it but if youve talked to me you may have noticed it happens sometimes. Well I like that, people notice and it gives me attention for something weird.......I dunno because in front of people Ill say "I do not" or shy away from the fact that it sounded like that. Its for my own enjoyment to act that way. But I really dont do it on purpose haha

20. Sometimes when I get into bed I roll my head forward into my pillow (ill have to show you sometime)

21. I enjoy sleeping in corners with lots of pillows and blankets......I like the weight of a lot of blankets, at least 3 if not 6 (it depends on how heavy each individual blanket is)

22. This may be awkward but I think its funny. If im using the bathroom with a tub that has a curtain not a door I HAVE to either open it or look behind it to make sure no one is hiding in their

23. Im still afraid of "monsters" under my bed. Its more so people or clowns under my bed im afraid they will grab me in the middle of the night and kill me under my bed with no one knowing

24. So I have really skinny and boney ankles that I claim to be self conscious of.......So not true I think they're kinda cool, along with my long usually skinny legs I think they're great! But i do try not to be too proud if/when ppl compliment me on them.

25. Love that I only have one dimple! My Dad has always pointed it out, along with my eyes. He's said that one day thats one thing that the man I marry will fall in love with.....My dimple and my eyes. I find that kind of unique (arent fathers subtly compliments the best?)

Well I think thats enough for now, Im so positive that I could keep going on and on haha. But I really should stop myself besides the fact that its almost 1 o'clock. Well hopefully you learned something new about me. Just dont go around telling everyone my secrets :D and if you didnt learn something new I hope some of these made you smile because you know that its exactly what im like. I like sharing things with you! I encourage everyone to write a blog about the things you love about yourself, it made my day (night) a little better and hopefully it will yours too. Besides I want to know all about you too. Thats whats so great about friends, the random, quirky little things we as individuals have. haha now im just blubbering on because im in such a brilliant mood. What a way to end my day!

p.s. they decided to name her Olivia and call her Livvy! Agh im so excited it couldnt be more perfect.....Little Livvy......ADORABLE! now I can call her by her name instead of It, baby, or Kevin (dont ask)!


  1. Loved it! You always cut yourself off at the ends of blogs, like we wouldn't want to hear. But you could go on for days and I'd love it :) Talk to you in a few days... :)

  2. I don't know if this will scare you or not, but it's AMAZING just how much you and I are alike!!!! Maybe we were supposed to be twins or something, but the our guardian angels were'nt looking and you got stuck in an adventure line in heaven and I went and got born before you. But then to make it all up I get to be your auntie! Glad the angels got that one right. All of your words and thoughts are great. And I love the name Olivia... ya know your g-ma's real name is Olive (not Darlene) so that's kinda cool too :) Keep writing!!!

  3. I will never forget you telling me about your "knack" or "habit", or whatever you want to call it, of #22 and how funny I thought it was, that's why it's my favorite one on your list...even though I can relate to a few of the other ones as well.