Monday, May 31, 2010

Nascar 101

So while driving today, my car was driving really smoothly around turns and even when I put the brake on it was just smooth. I love that! Just you have complete control you the car and yet its perfect! Another one of my favorite things is to drive fast. Im not sure if many of you knew that, but I love it. I really want to learn how to drive stick because than I will have even more control of the car. The only thing that I dont like about my enjoyment I get from driving fast is I can never drive fast enough. I mean on the freeway when its just me and I feel the need to go like 15 or 20 its all fine and dandy, but I still want to go faster! Yet I could get in a lot of trouble for going even 20 over the speed limit. So I usually dont do that, although I would love to. Im not sure if its the adrenaline rush I get from driving fast because its not even a huge rush or anything. Its just another one of those things kind of like dancing I suppose where I can just escape reality (but still pay attention to the road). Its more enjoyable when theres no music at all even. Just me, my car, and occasionally the wind blowing my hair as if it were in a tornado. I hardly get in this mood when others are in the car with me, so dont be afraid to drive with me, although I know I tend to be a paranoid back seat driver, so I deserve the same reactions out of others since I give them so interesting reactions ha. I want to drive Nascar! how awesome would that be. Kinda like that one girl, the Go Daddy girl. Or thats who sponsors her car except she usually drives the smaller cars with no top oppose to a normal nascar car. I forgot her name its on the tip of my tongue UGH! Well if you dont know who im talking about im sure you can look her up if you really want to. Since this "dream" (fake dream I hardly consider it one I will go chasing after) is far from reality, my next goal to accomplish this desire (thats a better fit word for it) is to marry someone who races cars. And we can go to the race track and I can drive as fast as I want! eeeekkkk!!!! How exciting would that be. If I cant have that than maybe just date someone who does, or even just go on a date to a race track. Not a fake race track either, like a legit one. haha well I just thought I'd share, and figured it was time for a semi shorter post. But dont worry I can feel a super long one awaiting more time and thought. Thanks for reading!

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