Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogs and Weddings....(or something along those lines)

         So today I probably spent my entire day blog hopping......what a waste of time. But than again all I have right now is time and nothing to do in that time. Might as well blog hop! This is one of my new favorite blogs. She is adorable, wonderful, brilliant, and I wouldn't mind being like her as a newly wed! But this lady is what I want to be when I'm a stay at home mom/when I work from home. You have to check these blogs out! If you have little time, at least look at the second one because its incredible. Her DIY projects are great and I plan on using them someday. Hopefully soon, but I dont know! You can also look at her entire house. Here I'll make it easy on you, look at it! Ok so my obsession is insane, but it makes me happy. I have been giving praises to the second blog I found although I spent more time looking at the first one. Blerg I was planning on making this a short post but looks like thats not going to happen.

This post is going to be on weddings. I know I know I just had mine called off so what in the world am I doing. But honestly if I was already married I'd be thinking and dreaming up weddings so its ok. Thats what I do I plan my wedding. Here are a few pictures I found on my wonderful adventure today.
I've always liked the photo booth idea, but do you know how much it costs to rent those? It's like 1000 believe me I spent many late nights trying to find it cheaper. So this idea of a homemade type photo booth is perfect! Love Love Love the light cardigan with your wedding dress. Of course I wouldnt wear it during the day, but probably at night. Although im not sure how well it would work with a dress with sleeves? Im sure it would Its just more difficult to picture in my head. Go figure! 
Now this is amazing no? I know that it wouldnt be big enough for people to sign at my reception. Im basing that on how many people we predicted would show up at my last wedding reception. So Im still going to do it, but at like the luncheon. Ya know for all the family and close friends? I think its perfect, so its like your little wedding family tree. They do have them for sale on etsy, but what they are asking is a ridiculous amount. They do have one for a baby shower which is cheaper, but also smaller. I think I'll just make one. Might even use this idea or something like it. Make it affordable! 
And this is just an absolutely adorable idea! a bit pricey, again on etsy, it would make adorable pictures, or cute bridesmaid gifts.  Last but not least, ya know how people always take pictures of just their rings? Its cute, but I'm never drawn to them. I guess I feel like no pictures I have seen have showcased the rings in a fantastically amazing way. This picture I found today and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Its odd, I've never seen it done before, so its unique. So now I like the idea of taking pictures of just your ring. This way that is!  

Over the past few months I have completely redesigned my wedding. I have wanted a black and white; white tie affair type wedding for as long as I can remember. Now I've completely changed it I think, I've always wanted an outdoor reception which could be difficult for white tie. Now I still want it outside, but a little/a lot more down to earth. I no longer want black and white I want light pearl pink and gray. Like rain cloud gray. I feel like its a little more sophisticated, modern, and mature. I dunno? I have been hesitant to post this posting because I want to keep all my secrets and ideas for myself.....because im selfish like that. But I choose to post it because 1) most of you are past this stage in your life 2) I tend to have different styles and ideas than most of my friends 3) I trust you (yes thats my "early on" guilt trip. Well hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!
(Sorry the pictures are ordered all weird and im too lazy to try and figure them out, again hope you get the idea)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I Found Hiding in the Bathroom

It has been requested to write about more funny 10 yr old stories, and I'd have to agree that he is worth writing about often. So I will try my hardest to 1) remember funny things he does and 2) write about them. Ironic I got that request the other day because a funny thing happened when I went into the bathroom yesterday morning. I found a little surprise.

Yes ladies and gentleman, I found Tarzan King of the Apes (or jungle depending on what literature you look at blerg!) hiding inside the toilet paper roll! Can you imagine what a hilarious, yet awkward moment that was for me. Hilarious because its not everyday you find surprises hiding in your toilet paper roll and awkward because I needed to use the toilet paper and just had to laugh out loud........mind you this is while using the toilet. Best moment ever! When I think about it, it was a great way to start my day!

Just a quick little background on the infamous Tarzan in our house. There's not much I need to say expect he goes almost everywhere with my brother as if he's 3 and needs to bring his blankie. Its getting less and less his favorite thing (I think he is again switching over to dragons as his thing) since ya know it was left in the bathroom. Funny funny funny little brother. Moments like this it makes me grateful im the oldest and have siblings a lot younger than me to share their funny little joys.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

29 Weeks and 4 Days

Hello all! So had another Doc apt today! Of course all is well, I was super excited to find out I've only gained 14 pounds so far! With only 2 pounds this past month which is a surprise to me, because I have not been watching what I eat at all! Sometimes on rare occasions I couldnt be happier with my body! But this usually doesnt last very long HAHA! But I mean everyone has body image issues right? even super/ridiculously skinny people so I feel justified in complaining sometimes? Im not vain I promise!

So Im making a new list because thats what I do I make lists! It may not be super enjoyable or entertaining to read, but there's incentive to reading it:D Im gonna post the ultra sounds I got done today, They're always so exciting to get sometimes I wish I could get them each time I go to the doctors. Besides the fact that I love love love the ultra sound technician, she's just very personable and makes you feel super comfortable! This list is on PREGNANCY of course! I've just been getting a little frustrated with it lately so im telling you.

1. Lower back pain sucks! and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING! I have a body pillow I try sleeping with, I have the little corn bag thing you can heat up and put it on my back, I try stretching, and a bunch of other things I've read. So I ask the Doc if there's anything else I can try and his response more or less was NOPE suck it up and deal with it. Blerg! I shouldnt be complaining since its probably not too bad, but I've never experienced back pain in my entire life so its agony. Im sorry for those of you who have back pain every month your way stronger than me.
2. I have to constantly go to the bathroom. So im grateful im at home most of the time, because otherwise itd be bad news. I think the worst part of it all is sometimes when I think I have to go I dont! Whats up with that? So then sometimes I dont go and wait.......but once I go I actually had to go type of thing. Its ridiculous, I really hope my bladder goes back to normal after this. I cannot imagine having to go to the restroom this often for the rest of my life. Luckily I havent had an experience with not getting to the bathroom on time like I've read. How awkward would that be? I would be mortified even if I was just at home.
3. Leg cramps ok, so Ive actually only gotten one so far. It came in the middle of the night and it was awful because I felt like there was nothing I could do. They say to flex your foot because that can help relieve it, but it was so bad I couldnt even move period. So I again read up on it so I've been stretching and massaging my calves before I go to bed and have yet to experience another one. Its kind of weird massaging your own leg I have to say.
4. My blood flow is horrible! I have to constanly move position or else I get that tingly feeling that feels like my leg or arm is about to fall asleep. Dont worry though Doc said its all good!
5. My immune system is all screwy. So normally I have a really strong immune system when siblings or roommates would be sick I was usually ok and hardly ever got what they got. But now my family got a cold and I was so hoping I wouldnt get it, but yesterday I started to breathe funny. I dont know how to explain it, but its like i a chest cold I guess you would call it. Chest/throat anyway, by tomorrow I probably wont be able to talk. Which is ok I suppose not like I have tons of talking to do anyway. Plus I enjoy loosing my voice or having a raspy voice for some reason. Im odd I know, but overall I hope no one else gets sick in the next 10 weeks.
6. Gaining weight. I know I said I've only gained 14 pounds but honestly who wants to say they're gaining weight? I have to keep reminding myself that im pregnant so its ok, but sometimes its the worst thing that could happen haha. Mostly because your gaining weight which is a normal thing, I just cant decide to loose it ya know. Like I cant be all im going to go running and loose 4 pounds this week so in a month ill be back to normal. No instead I have to prep myself to gain more weight. I think its just an odd concept im having a hard time grasping. I was reading weight gain and lose stories of pregnant women and all. Quite a few lost all their pregnancy weight within the first month or 2. Im crossing my fingers that me, and than loosing some more would be nice also. I hate running, but the urge I have to go running is crazy, I just hope the urge sticks around for another  months:D
7.Sleeping is a new world now! its a night to night thing I never know when im going to get a good nights rest. Which is so difficult for me because im use to being able to sleep so well. Im not a light sleeper or heavy sleeper, but now my sisters bracelets wake me up in the morning cuz they clank together every other second when shes getting ready. Luckily I have a fan that I keep on all night for more the cool air, but also the white noise. It helps a bit
8. Clothing I do truly love shopping. Its so fun especially when you find something you really like. Shopping is still fun now, however im shopping for clothes I wont be able to wear in 3 months. Such a bummer because I wont have money to buy clothes afterwards. Not like I really need more clothes, but does anyone really ever NEED more? Luckily I still fit into all my jeans but one pair (I actually dont know if they fit or not, I havent tried putting them on in a while) I do have one pair of maternity jeans that I love from H&M im debating cutting out the stretchy part afterwards because they'd still work if I did that. I dont know how to explain that. But I love the wash of them, I'll decide later though I mean if I like them so much I might as well keep them over the years for the next time right? Who knows what my money situation will be like than.
9. Stretch marks! So I think I havent gotten any new ones......but im not sure. What I mean by that is I got stretch marks in jr. high because my body decided it'd be funny to grow really fast and leave awful stretch marks on my body. Ive been covering myself with cocoa butter like no other, after the shower, before bed, random times during the day. Partially because I love the smell so much. I know scientifically there's nothing that can prevent stretch marks, but so far im looking good. So if I can do anything to some what prevent them I will. Yes I know no one but me will see my stomach, but thats just it. I'll see my stomach and think about it everytime. I know I'll be that way because of the stretch marks I already have.
10. Im constantly emotional! No lie! Im not always emotional, the thing that gets me is how my hormones are wacked and so I can become emotional out of nowhere, literally nowhere. Like the other day I got invited to go to the singles ward FHE. By a really good close friend and I knew I didnt really want to go, but I ditched out on him the other night and he sort of called me out on texting him later and not going. So I said I'd go, partially out of obligation but also because I thought I could do it. So as the day went on I starting thinking about it more and more. The more I thought about it, the more I freaked out. So tried talking to my Dad which was no help and just completely broke down. I cant even pin point if it was the fact that I didnt want people staring, or theyre my peers who I know are way more judgemental, or if it was me knowing im pregnant and just thinking everyone is staring. I dont know all I do know if that when I bailed out it was like a huge sigh of relief and I spent the rest of the night relaxing because I had worked myself up so much. Who does that? I cry over cereal, I cry over my nose swelling, I cry over stupid stupid thing. So much for not crying over spilt milk im sure if I ever spill milk theres a chance I might want to cry. I do not understand hormones.

Anyway so this last picture is my favorite. Cuz you can see her whole face, I just love her little nose, its so round and button like. I hope it stays like that, looks like shes a thumb sucker too. I have no experience with that no on in my family sucked their thumbs and I really have no idea what you do to get kids from stop sucking their thumbs, isnt it bad for them or something? I dunno, Good Luck Amy! haha Dont worry everyone my next post wont be as long, or intense haha! Thanks for reading though:D

Monday, June 21, 2010

"When I'm Older..........."

Cutest thing ever! So my 10 year old brother is adorable of course, and yet super annoying. Who would've guessed? Lucky him, today is one of his adorable days! So im sitting in the kitchen eating cheesecake (yum!) when I hear him telling my mom what he wants to do when he grows up. Up until today he has wanted to make a flying car when he grows up. So this is my little brothers new career goal!
He wants to work for Fandango! Ya know the movie theater company.......I dont know if they have it in other states? He wants to make the brown paper bag puppet commercials they have before movies. Dont worry its already in the works, for his first idea he wants it to be a classroom of puppet where a kid gets an F as his grade. The other kids in the class got A's. But in this commercial the A's are bad and stand for something thats bad starting with an A (he's yet to figure this word out), but the kid/puppet who received and F is happy and everyone is confused, at the end he exclaims its F for FANDANGO!
Ok so there is no way you can tell me thats not the cutest thing ever! I did ask him about his flying car and if he was done with that idea. He gave me a very disgusted look and said well Fandango is like during the day, and i'll invent the flying car at home after work......."maybe after I watch some tv i'll start on it". He told me it was because he needs to make money and inventing a flying car is for fun! Talk about big dreamer! Looks like it runs in the family :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

What A Wonderful World

          Hello friends! Back from my wonderful trip to Utah. Ill give ya a quick run down; so thursday met with Amy and Vaughn and wasnt nervous AT ALL until the second we turned down the street where we were meeting them. Got over it, than saw them outside as we pulled up. But of course everything was fine. Ha fine is an understatement!!!!! Everything was perfect!!!!!! I mean because we email so often I felt like I knew them well already. Of course yes the first 10 or 15 min was just getting a feel for it and all, but thats expected. We ended up sitting around talking for 4 and a half hours I think it ended up being, and it wasnt long enough! Made me want to live a bit closer to them, but in reality I know its good we dont live "next door". Thank goodness for email right? Anyway it was so good to just talk with them and their family and meet their daughter who drew me a picture thats super cute its sickening! Maybe ill take a picture of it and put it up  sometime? Such a wonderfully amazing day! This is still the right thing and I couldnt have been more reassured by the spirit that day!

Then my cousin got home from his mission the day before we got there so we spent a lot of time with family. It was a bit different this time because usually im the one who lives in Utah so im not with my family and extended family as often because I still have other responsibilities, so this trip was all about family! (I mean even meeting Amy and Vaughn was all about family they're going to be like my extended extended family now:D) I just love FAMILIES!!!!! There's just something about the bond between families, especially my family that is so special. I cant put my finger on it, put im sure you all know what im talking about. On the drive back with a friend she asked what I wanted my future husband to be like......very quickly I came to the conclusion that I dont really know because each time I've thought I've known and found that person it hasnt been enough so lots of thinking, but one thing I did mention was that he has a great relationship with his family. If he doesnt have the kind of relationship with his family if he at least respects how important my family is and willing to be a part of my family than i'll be happy! Like playing cards with my family I dont know why its so important to me, but if he wont or refuses to play cards with my family, its a deal breaker. I dunno I also have these ideas in my head of what I want and who knows if it'll change! More or less I had a blast with my family this past week!

Ok so now this is super random but im talking about it anyway. It has absolutely nothing to do with my trip anymore haha! Last night my Dad called me over to look at a house listed on the MLS. He has access to it because of his job, so it just gives a little  more detail than your average person would know, and just stuff I dunno. Anyway so theres this house my Dad drove me by probably a few years ago and I've always remembered it and we've driven past it a few times over the years. It has now become my "DREAM HOUSE"! The funny thing about that, is I've never even seen pictures of the inside I just know what it looks like from the front. So when my Dad called me over he showed me my dream house listed on the MLS........ITS FOR SALE!!!!! Gorgeous house, like 4500 sq ft. 4-5 bdrm 4 bth pool on 2 acres for 799,000.

No joke this house use to be worth like 2 mil but the market is horrible now so everything is way less. Anyway if I some how had a bigger influence on  my parents financially I would make them buy this house. I also got to see pictures of the inside and of course fell even more in love with it! family room has high vaulted ceilings with gorgeous crown molding. The whole yard is landscaped with a big backyard plus the pool! Beautiful backyard patio the banaster for the stairs is brilliant! AGH!  I cannot get enough of this house! Some day, some where, some how I will have this house. Or well more or less this house just a little more specific to what I want. Yes I understand this dream is far off and a difficult one to accomplish especially with the economy and everything now, but I dont care I was raised to be a big dreamer, and a big dreamer I will stay!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So its been a while! I have had multiple things to blog about or lots of things I've been thinking about, but with each new option I've decided not to. And now im leaving in a few hours to drive to Utah. Which will be good! Although I slept horribly last night mostly because I kept having stupid dreams. Like insane crazy dreams that I would have to wake up and tell myself it was a dream. I watched the movie The Lovely Bones last night before bed.........awful awful movie. Maybe i just wasnt in that kind of a mood? All I know is I woke up freaking out about Livvy and the whole adoption thing because somehow she was going to get murdered.Or at least I think thats what happened in the dream? Im not really sure whatever happened caused me to not sleep very well. Hopefully ill sleep in the car.

K well I have another interview today! I cant decide if I get offered the supercuts job and this fantastic sams job which one ill talk yet, lots to think over. But ya I have that interview before I leave and I totally dont want to go! My body is just sort of exhausted even though I just woke up. Ill go no worries. I get to actually meet meet Livvys adoptive parents tomorrow!!!!! That will be exciting, im not really nervous yet we'll see if I ever do. But this is a really boring post because I keep blabbing on about nothing and I really need to take a shower and start getting ready! Mostly what im saying is it'll probably be a while before I post again, but dont worry ill be back sooner than you can catch up on my posts im sure hahahahhaha!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stuck In a Puddle

       So I know I said I knew what my next blog was going to be, I do....its just not the next blog. Im not sure why but I dont feel like writing about what I planned on. Im actually not even sure if and when I will write about what I thought I was. Cant decide if its something I want to keep to myself or share? Which is odd because its not like embarrassing, awkward, or explicit. Just a normal thing I would write about, part of me wants to keep it like my little secret I suppose. The other part thinks it might not actually happen if I talk about it? Call me crazy!

 So instead im going to write about this; 

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. 
John Lennon (1940 - 1980), "Beautiful Boy"

Its under my "blog title" so Im sure you've read it before. I just read it again today and was thinking about it and relating it to my current life. I am the epitome of this quote currently. Im so caught up in planning my future life because my future life "will be greener on the other side" more or less. Or thats how I picture it in my head. I mean most people would look at my situation and have to agree to an extent. The thing is that im so caught up in my future life that I forget I have to live in the present, act upon past actions to better the future. But if im so wrapped up in the future, how do I prepare and achieve the future I want. I think some days its just too painful to live in the present. 

My mom read a short little talk today out of the Ensign I think (it couldve been the new era?). It talked about this lady who realized that blogging wasnt the best thing for her. She was mostly talking about technology in general (which is what the main talk is on in the ensign this month by David A. Bednar). I agree that you have to limit yourself to your technology, but as my mom was reading it I couldnt help but feel bitter. Also earlier today my Dad asked if I knew how many of my waking hours I spend on my computer, of course I dont keep track, but his basic point was that im on it too much. I agree with him, that I dont need to constantly be on the computer, but I dont have a job, when im not on the comp I read/eat/play with boston, I find things to do I just resort back to my technology. So when my mom read the article and the ladies main concept was that blogging was taking over her life, she didnt spend enough time with her children, wasnt getting enough sleep, wasnt spending time with her husband. Normal daily things she would choose to blog instead! I got bitter because blogging right now in my life is one of those things that gets me through the day. That sounds so stupid! But its where I get to be myself and I dont always feel like I can be that at home. I can just release and be content and happy when blogging. Yes I love getting comments, but when it comes down to it I could care less if others read it (although I greatly appreciate it), its my release from life I suppose. Which ties back into my quote.......Im stuck in a world in not living! Can that be so harmful? I dont have a job, or anything else to keep me busy during the day. I feel safe in saying im not addicted to it, I just really enjoy it. Blerg! Well hey at least this is my BIG dilemma of the week right? 
(did anyone follow my scattered brain?haha)