Wednesday, June 23, 2010

29 Weeks and 4 Days

Hello all! So had another Doc apt today! Of course all is well, I was super excited to find out I've only gained 14 pounds so far! With only 2 pounds this past month which is a surprise to me, because I have not been watching what I eat at all! Sometimes on rare occasions I couldnt be happier with my body! But this usually doesnt last very long HAHA! But I mean everyone has body image issues right? even super/ridiculously skinny people so I feel justified in complaining sometimes? Im not vain I promise!

So Im making a new list because thats what I do I make lists! It may not be super enjoyable or entertaining to read, but there's incentive to reading it:D Im gonna post the ultra sounds I got done today, They're always so exciting to get sometimes I wish I could get them each time I go to the doctors. Besides the fact that I love love love the ultra sound technician, she's just very personable and makes you feel super comfortable! This list is on PREGNANCY of course! I've just been getting a little frustrated with it lately so im telling you.

1. Lower back pain sucks! and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING! I have a body pillow I try sleeping with, I have the little corn bag thing you can heat up and put it on my back, I try stretching, and a bunch of other things I've read. So I ask the Doc if there's anything else I can try and his response more or less was NOPE suck it up and deal with it. Blerg! I shouldnt be complaining since its probably not too bad, but I've never experienced back pain in my entire life so its agony. Im sorry for those of you who have back pain every month your way stronger than me.
2. I have to constantly go to the bathroom. So im grateful im at home most of the time, because otherwise itd be bad news. I think the worst part of it all is sometimes when I think I have to go I dont! Whats up with that? So then sometimes I dont go and wait.......but once I go I actually had to go type of thing. Its ridiculous, I really hope my bladder goes back to normal after this. I cannot imagine having to go to the restroom this often for the rest of my life. Luckily I havent had an experience with not getting to the bathroom on time like I've read. How awkward would that be? I would be mortified even if I was just at home.
3. Leg cramps ok, so Ive actually only gotten one so far. It came in the middle of the night and it was awful because I felt like there was nothing I could do. They say to flex your foot because that can help relieve it, but it was so bad I couldnt even move period. So I again read up on it so I've been stretching and massaging my calves before I go to bed and have yet to experience another one. Its kind of weird massaging your own leg I have to say.
4. My blood flow is horrible! I have to constanly move position or else I get that tingly feeling that feels like my leg or arm is about to fall asleep. Dont worry though Doc said its all good!
5. My immune system is all screwy. So normally I have a really strong immune system when siblings or roommates would be sick I was usually ok and hardly ever got what they got. But now my family got a cold and I was so hoping I wouldnt get it, but yesterday I started to breathe funny. I dont know how to explain it, but its like i a chest cold I guess you would call it. Chest/throat anyway, by tomorrow I probably wont be able to talk. Which is ok I suppose not like I have tons of talking to do anyway. Plus I enjoy loosing my voice or having a raspy voice for some reason. Im odd I know, but overall I hope no one else gets sick in the next 10 weeks.
6. Gaining weight. I know I said I've only gained 14 pounds but honestly who wants to say they're gaining weight? I have to keep reminding myself that im pregnant so its ok, but sometimes its the worst thing that could happen haha. Mostly because your gaining weight which is a normal thing, I just cant decide to loose it ya know. Like I cant be all im going to go running and loose 4 pounds this week so in a month ill be back to normal. No instead I have to prep myself to gain more weight. I think its just an odd concept im having a hard time grasping. I was reading weight gain and lose stories of pregnant women and all. Quite a few lost all their pregnancy weight within the first month or 2. Im crossing my fingers that me, and than loosing some more would be nice also. I hate running, but the urge I have to go running is crazy, I just hope the urge sticks around for another  months:D
7.Sleeping is a new world now! its a night to night thing I never know when im going to get a good nights rest. Which is so difficult for me because im use to being able to sleep so well. Im not a light sleeper or heavy sleeper, but now my sisters bracelets wake me up in the morning cuz they clank together every other second when shes getting ready. Luckily I have a fan that I keep on all night for more the cool air, but also the white noise. It helps a bit
8. Clothing I do truly love shopping. Its so fun especially when you find something you really like. Shopping is still fun now, however im shopping for clothes I wont be able to wear in 3 months. Such a bummer because I wont have money to buy clothes afterwards. Not like I really need more clothes, but does anyone really ever NEED more? Luckily I still fit into all my jeans but one pair (I actually dont know if they fit or not, I havent tried putting them on in a while) I do have one pair of maternity jeans that I love from H&M im debating cutting out the stretchy part afterwards because they'd still work if I did that. I dont know how to explain that. But I love the wash of them, I'll decide later though I mean if I like them so much I might as well keep them over the years for the next time right? Who knows what my money situation will be like than.
9. Stretch marks! So I think I havent gotten any new ones......but im not sure. What I mean by that is I got stretch marks in jr. high because my body decided it'd be funny to grow really fast and leave awful stretch marks on my body. Ive been covering myself with cocoa butter like no other, after the shower, before bed, random times during the day. Partially because I love the smell so much. I know scientifically there's nothing that can prevent stretch marks, but so far im looking good. So if I can do anything to some what prevent them I will. Yes I know no one but me will see my stomach, but thats just it. I'll see my stomach and think about it everytime. I know I'll be that way because of the stretch marks I already have.
10. Im constantly emotional! No lie! Im not always emotional, the thing that gets me is how my hormones are wacked and so I can become emotional out of nowhere, literally nowhere. Like the other day I got invited to go to the singles ward FHE. By a really good close friend and I knew I didnt really want to go, but I ditched out on him the other night and he sort of called me out on texting him later and not going. So I said I'd go, partially out of obligation but also because I thought I could do it. So as the day went on I starting thinking about it more and more. The more I thought about it, the more I freaked out. So tried talking to my Dad which was no help and just completely broke down. I cant even pin point if it was the fact that I didnt want people staring, or theyre my peers who I know are way more judgemental, or if it was me knowing im pregnant and just thinking everyone is staring. I dont know all I do know if that when I bailed out it was like a huge sigh of relief and I spent the rest of the night relaxing because I had worked myself up so much. Who does that? I cry over cereal, I cry over my nose swelling, I cry over stupid stupid thing. So much for not crying over spilt milk im sure if I ever spill milk theres a chance I might want to cry. I do not understand hormones.

Anyway so this last picture is my favorite. Cuz you can see her whole face, I just love her little nose, its so round and button like. I hope it stays like that, looks like shes a thumb sucker too. I have no experience with that no on in my family sucked their thumbs and I really have no idea what you do to get kids from stop sucking their thumbs, isnt it bad for them or something? I dunno, Good Luck Amy! haha Dont worry everyone my next post wont be as long, or intense haha! Thanks for reading though:D

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  1. i always love your lists :) it just makes me happy because i know that is how your brain works. haha i don't know how to explain it, but i think its really cute. and much much more organized than me!