Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogs and Weddings....(or something along those lines)

         So today I probably spent my entire day blog hopping......what a waste of time. But than again all I have right now is time and nothing to do in that time. Might as well blog hop! This is one of my new favorite blogs. She is adorable, wonderful, brilliant, and I wouldn't mind being like her as a newly wed! But this lady is what I want to be when I'm a stay at home mom/when I work from home. You have to check these blogs out! If you have little time, at least look at the second one because its incredible. Her DIY projects are great and I plan on using them someday. Hopefully soon, but I dont know! You can also look at her entire house. Here I'll make it easy on you, look at it! Ok so my obsession is insane, but it makes me happy. I have been giving praises to the second blog I found although I spent more time looking at the first one. Blerg I was planning on making this a short post but looks like thats not going to happen.

This post is going to be on weddings. I know I know I just had mine called off so what in the world am I doing. But honestly if I was already married I'd be thinking and dreaming up weddings so its ok. Thats what I do I plan my wedding. Here are a few pictures I found on my wonderful adventure today.
I've always liked the photo booth idea, but do you know how much it costs to rent those? It's like 1000 believe me I spent many late nights trying to find it cheaper. So this idea of a homemade type photo booth is perfect! Love Love Love the light cardigan with your wedding dress. Of course I wouldnt wear it during the day, but probably at night. Although im not sure how well it would work with a dress with sleeves? Im sure it would Its just more difficult to picture in my head. Go figure! 
Now this is amazing no? I know that it wouldnt be big enough for people to sign at my reception. Im basing that on how many people we predicted would show up at my last wedding reception. So Im still going to do it, but at like the luncheon. Ya know for all the family and close friends? I think its perfect, so its like your little wedding family tree. They do have them for sale on etsy, but what they are asking is a ridiculous amount. They do have one for a baby shower which is cheaper, but also smaller. I think I'll just make one. Might even use this idea or something like it. Make it affordable! 
And this is just an absolutely adorable idea! a bit pricey, again on etsy, it would make adorable pictures, or cute bridesmaid gifts.  Last but not least, ya know how people always take pictures of just their rings? Its cute, but I'm never drawn to them. I guess I feel like no pictures I have seen have showcased the rings in a fantastically amazing way. This picture I found today and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Its odd, I've never seen it done before, so its unique. So now I like the idea of taking pictures of just your ring. This way that is!  

Over the past few months I have completely redesigned my wedding. I have wanted a black and white; white tie affair type wedding for as long as I can remember. Now I've completely changed it I think, I've always wanted an outdoor reception which could be difficult for white tie. Now I still want it outside, but a little/a lot more down to earth. I no longer want black and white I want light pearl pink and gray. Like rain cloud gray. I feel like its a little more sophisticated, modern, and mature. I dunno? I have been hesitant to post this posting because I want to keep all my secrets and ideas for myself.....because im selfish like that. But I choose to post it because 1) most of you are past this stage in your life 2) I tend to have different styles and ideas than most of my friends 3) I trust you (yes thats my "early on" guilt trip. Well hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!
(Sorry the pictures are ordered all weird and im too lazy to try and figure them out, again hope you get the idea)

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  1. I love this post and I had a lot of fun checking out the blogs you shared. The cardigan idea is adorable. White isn't always the best color for everyone's skin tone. That punch of color in the pics is amazing! I love that you're planning ahead so that your day will be exactly what you want it to be! You deserve the happiest day ever!