Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So its been a while! I have had multiple things to blog about or lots of things I've been thinking about, but with each new option I've decided not to. And now im leaving in a few hours to drive to Utah. Which will be good! Although I slept horribly last night mostly because I kept having stupid dreams. Like insane crazy dreams that I would have to wake up and tell myself it was a dream. I watched the movie The Lovely Bones last night before bed.........awful awful movie. Maybe i just wasnt in that kind of a mood? All I know is I woke up freaking out about Livvy and the whole adoption thing because somehow she was going to get murdered.Or at least I think thats what happened in the dream? Im not really sure whatever happened caused me to not sleep very well. Hopefully ill sleep in the car.

K well I have another interview today! I cant decide if I get offered the supercuts job and this fantastic sams job which one ill talk yet, lots to think over. But ya I have that interview before I leave and I totally dont want to go! My body is just sort of exhausted even though I just woke up. Ill go no worries. I get to actually meet meet Livvys adoptive parents tomorrow!!!!! That will be exciting, im not really nervous yet we'll see if I ever do. But this is a really boring post because I keep blabbing on about nothing and I really need to take a shower and start getting ready! Mostly what im saying is it'll probably be a while before I post again, but dont worry ill be back sooner than you can catch up on my posts im sure hahahahhaha!


  1. Weird (or intense) dreams are a frequent side effect of pregnancy. Couple that with a weird movie and you're bound to have something traumatic happen. I hope your car trip is more restful! Too bad you weren't in Utah last week, we could have seen you.

  2. I always have crazy dreams when I'm pregnant. I guess it just goes with the territory. I hope you have a nice drive up to Utah. How long will you be there? We'll be heading up to Utah in July, I'm guessing you won't still be there but if you are we should get together.