Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I Found Hiding in the Bathroom

It has been requested to write about more funny 10 yr old stories, and I'd have to agree that he is worth writing about often. So I will try my hardest to 1) remember funny things he does and 2) write about them. Ironic I got that request the other day because a funny thing happened when I went into the bathroom yesterday morning. I found a little surprise.

Yes ladies and gentleman, I found Tarzan King of the Apes (or jungle depending on what literature you look at blerg!) hiding inside the toilet paper roll! Can you imagine what a hilarious, yet awkward moment that was for me. Hilarious because its not everyday you find surprises hiding in your toilet paper roll and awkward because I needed to use the toilet paper and just had to laugh out loud........mind you this is while using the toilet. Best moment ever! When I think about it, it was a great way to start my day!

Just a quick little background on the infamous Tarzan in our house. There's not much I need to say expect he goes almost everywhere with my brother as if he's 3 and needs to bring his blankie. Its getting less and less his favorite thing (I think he is again switching over to dragons as his thing) since ya know it was left in the bathroom. Funny funny funny little brother. Moments like this it makes me grateful im the oldest and have siblings a lot younger than me to share their funny little joys.

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  1. hahaha that is brilliant! i love hunter!and i just love how you described the experience as hilarious but awkward...hahaha i love you! :)