Friday, June 18, 2010

What A Wonderful World

          Hello friends! Back from my wonderful trip to Utah. Ill give ya a quick run down; so thursday met with Amy and Vaughn and wasnt nervous AT ALL until the second we turned down the street where we were meeting them. Got over it, than saw them outside as we pulled up. But of course everything was fine. Ha fine is an understatement!!!!! Everything was perfect!!!!!! I mean because we email so often I felt like I knew them well already. Of course yes the first 10 or 15 min was just getting a feel for it and all, but thats expected. We ended up sitting around talking for 4 and a half hours I think it ended up being, and it wasnt long enough! Made me want to live a bit closer to them, but in reality I know its good we dont live "next door". Thank goodness for email right? Anyway it was so good to just talk with them and their family and meet their daughter who drew me a picture thats super cute its sickening! Maybe ill take a picture of it and put it up  sometime? Such a wonderfully amazing day! This is still the right thing and I couldnt have been more reassured by the spirit that day!

Then my cousin got home from his mission the day before we got there so we spent a lot of time with family. It was a bit different this time because usually im the one who lives in Utah so im not with my family and extended family as often because I still have other responsibilities, so this trip was all about family! (I mean even meeting Amy and Vaughn was all about family they're going to be like my extended extended family now:D) I just love FAMILIES!!!!! There's just something about the bond between families, especially my family that is so special. I cant put my finger on it, put im sure you all know what im talking about. On the drive back with a friend she asked what I wanted my future husband to be like......very quickly I came to the conclusion that I dont really know because each time I've thought I've known and found that person it hasnt been enough so lots of thinking, but one thing I did mention was that he has a great relationship with his family. If he doesnt have the kind of relationship with his family if he at least respects how important my family is and willing to be a part of my family than i'll be happy! Like playing cards with my family I dont know why its so important to me, but if he wont or refuses to play cards with my family, its a deal breaker. I dunno I also have these ideas in my head of what I want and who knows if it'll change! More or less I had a blast with my family this past week!

Ok so now this is super random but im talking about it anyway. It has absolutely nothing to do with my trip anymore haha! Last night my Dad called me over to look at a house listed on the MLS. He has access to it because of his job, so it just gives a little  more detail than your average person would know, and just stuff I dunno. Anyway so theres this house my Dad drove me by probably a few years ago and I've always remembered it and we've driven past it a few times over the years. It has now become my "DREAM HOUSE"! The funny thing about that, is I've never even seen pictures of the inside I just know what it looks like from the front. So when my Dad called me over he showed me my dream house listed on the MLS........ITS FOR SALE!!!!! Gorgeous house, like 4500 sq ft. 4-5 bdrm 4 bth pool on 2 acres for 799,000.

No joke this house use to be worth like 2 mil but the market is horrible now so everything is way less. Anyway if I some how had a bigger influence on  my parents financially I would make them buy this house. I also got to see pictures of the inside and of course fell even more in love with it! family room has high vaulted ceilings with gorgeous crown molding. The whole yard is landscaped with a big backyard plus the pool! Beautiful backyard patio the banaster for the stairs is brilliant! AGH!  I cannot get enough of this house! Some day, some where, some how I will have this house. Or well more or less this house just a little more specific to what I want. Yes I understand this dream is far off and a difficult one to accomplish especially with the economy and everything now, but I dont care I was raised to be a big dreamer, and a big dreamer I will stay!

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  1. I couldn't agree more!! We love you, Berlin. Maybe we'll have to drive by "your" house while we're in Sacramento.