Monday, June 21, 2010

"When I'm Older..........."

Cutest thing ever! So my 10 year old brother is adorable of course, and yet super annoying. Who would've guessed? Lucky him, today is one of his adorable days! So im sitting in the kitchen eating cheesecake (yum!) when I hear him telling my mom what he wants to do when he grows up. Up until today he has wanted to make a flying car when he grows up. So this is my little brothers new career goal!
He wants to work for Fandango! Ya know the movie theater company.......I dont know if they have it in other states? He wants to make the brown paper bag puppet commercials they have before movies. Dont worry its already in the works, for his first idea he wants it to be a classroom of puppet where a kid gets an F as his grade. The other kids in the class got A's. But in this commercial the A's are bad and stand for something thats bad starting with an A (he's yet to figure this word out), but the kid/puppet who received and F is happy and everyone is confused, at the end he exclaims its F for FANDANGO!
Ok so there is no way you can tell me thats not the cutest thing ever! I did ask him about his flying car and if he was done with that idea. He gave me a very disgusted look and said well Fandango is like during the day, and i'll invent the flying car at home after work......."maybe after I watch some tv i'll start on it". He told me it was because he needs to make money and inventing a flying car is for fun! Talk about big dreamer! Looks like it runs in the family :D

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  1. Will you post funny things 10 yr old says all the time? :) In between your own thoughts, of course.