Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Dancing

           Happy 4th everyone! Its my favorite holiday :D Although I wont be watching fireworks or having a BBQ with the family, and thats why its my favorite holiday. But thats by choice and im ok with that........this year anyway! I still have plenty more 4th of July's to come. I am happy and grateful to be an American I truly am, but this 4th of July I cant help but be incredibly fearful for the future of our country. I've been thinking and looking into politics way too much lately. So much that I decided I dont want to raise children in California hahahaha! I could probably go on and on about politics and possibly offend someone, so im going to stop! Besides this has nothing to do with what I planned on writing.
           What I intended sharing was clips from So You Think You Can Dance. This season is a little disappointing. They have "all stars" on, contestants from previous seasons and as much as I love them, I feel it takes away from those actually competing. I tend to watch and pay attention to the more accomplished "all star" dancer opposed to the person Im suppose to be voting for (although I hardly ever vote unless it was absolutely incredible). So while watching this season Ive felt that there has been maybe 1 good dance each week.......MAYBE! This past week I missed because I was in SF which is more than ok. I just go onto youtube and look up the dances I missed. I decided to do that today and found an amazing dance. Its hip hop so some of you may not be very fond of it, but if you do happen to watch it keep in mind that Alex (the one in the red shirt) is a professional ballet dancer. He was a principal soloist for the Miami City Ballet. For those of you who dont know dancer lingo, being a principal dancer is huge! So more or less he is an incredible ballet dancer who apparently knows how to dance hip hop well also? I looked all over youtube for this dance that they would let me embed but they've all been disabled so this is the best I can do. Alex and all star Twitch performing hip hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napolean D’umo. Its incredible! Tabitha and Napolean are my favorite hip hop choreographers.
The one you just watched is amazing because of the dancer, the judges commented that they thought it was NappyTabs best dance so far. I have to disagree with them, this is my absolute favorite dance of theirs. I really enjoy when they choreograph slow hip hop routines and the dancers perform it well. Minute 1:17 to 1:28 is the best part.Hope you enjoy!

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  1. WOW! This was amazing! THnaks for sharing! I keep forgetting to watch this! You're right though, it is fun to see them, but it does kind of detract from the contestants. I'm so excited you're coming to Utah! Let's find some times to get together :)