Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bryce Canyon 2010

Hello.....I'm back from yet another Utah trip. It doesnt seem to matter how often I see extended family, or how long I stay with them, whenever I leave I always leave wanting to go back or stay longer (although I do love my bed). Best thing is I get to see about half the people I just left in Utah again, next week down in Southern California, and im going to DISNEYLAND! Which I have to admit isnt as exciting since im pregnant and cant go on probably half the rides I want to go on, I still get to go to that atmosphere that I love so much. Its the inner child in me I hope to never lose touch with.

K so I decided to make this post mostly with tons of pictures. I havent done posts of mostly pictures which is unfortunate since I just barely took a month + long trip to the east coast and hardly posted (now it just seems odd/dumb to go back and post pictures from that trip so im moving forward). I have pictures of myself ill be putting up, because I know some people want to see the bump......although I dont have a here is my belly picture this far along yet. (good thing I didnt take one in Utah because I blew up like a balloon because of the altitude which caused stretch marks ugh! and now that im home at 300ft I have extra skin.......what the heck isnt that suppose to some afterwards? I guess its just a preview of what I have to look forward to...p.s. 34 weeks tomorrow 6 weeks in counting im so ready to be done). Anyway if I seem vain for putting pictures of myself up sorry I hardly let my mother take pictures of me right now so its rare that I find them "acceptable" to post.

First day in Utah we had a BBQ at my aunts 
my moms cousin just had a baby so we got together and met his family
I had never met them before. This is me with my aunts dog Mickie
I want another little puppy although I do love Boston
Hung out with my moms cousin and his kids for about 2/3 days
I guess they're my second cousins just really little
We went to Cabela's one day 
This is me with Ariel I love her hair! I wish I had enough confidence in myself 
to pull off a haircut like hers (something to work on)
After second cousins baby blessing had dinner at my Nana & Papas 
and of course had to take a family picture
After dinner found this on someones sure you all know it was Hunters plate 
The next day (Monday) off camping at Bryce Canyon 
Me with an Aunt, cousin, and brother on a little mile hike that yes I went on
We all look so thrilled to only be half way done with this hike! 
Sleeping in the tent the first night! Me and 2 other siblings opted for the car the next night 
Please disregard my father in this picture or dont let him know I put this up, 
but please notice the little ones pillow and where his head actually is! 
These next pictures I wasnt present for, the rest of the family took another hike that was 
about 3 miles......I opted out and slept for an extra 2 hours in the car
But I still enjoy these pictures
Above; the lovely switch backs I missed out on...oh darn! Although I never did get to see 
the canyon from below which I would have liked to so I hope to go back 
on another adventured when I'm more physically capable.
So later that day we went around and stopped at all the look out points, 
which was nice for me to be able to see some more scenery. 
It seemed that at every stop we had some black feathered friends following us around! 
Being pregnant and all we brought snacks..everywhere. I think my mom bought about a whole weeks worth of food for 3 days. We plan on taking a lot of the extras next weeks 
to Southern California!
A lot of this one part of the forest was all burnt and my Dad thought it'd make for a great picture.
I have to agree I love these pictures, like hang on my wall worthy pictures! 
And just some more pictures from the trip I like!
Family picture im not so fond of, but you can see my fat and yes it looks fat stomach
Luckily its not that big anymore, but it wouldve been a good 
picture if I wasnt so self conscious about it! 
That concludes out camping trip Bryce Canyon 2010! 
It was a blast and I cant wait to go back whether with family or friends. Most of my life I havent been an outdoorsy type person, and I still wouldnt say I thoroughly enjoy camping, but I for the most part have a good time, making great memories! Plus I feel like people who do outdoorsy things take more "risks" or arent superficial haha so maybe if I convince myself to enjoy hiking I wont seem so pretentious! I think of it as more reserved and anxious. Besides that I can only think of a few times I hated girls camp! Too catty and too many forced activities. I am content sitting around a campfire talking, playing cards, or even going on a hike and talking. Enjoying the company. Thats something I think Ive grown to learn over the years and especially now at this turning time in my life, that it really doesnt matter what youre doing, as long as its something good, with good people, I am going to have a good time! My family and extended family make that so apparent to me each time im with them. August will be a very boring, uneventful, long, possibly uncomfortable month. But I have things to look forward to so its day dreaming of more days like the ones spent at Bryce Canyon!


  1. Looks like fun! I so wish we could have been there. But...we ARE going to be in Southern California next week, randomly enough. We should all get together.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time and you look adorable! Thanks for the pics. Lots of love...