Monday, July 5, 2010


So random/short post. Ya know how you watch tv shows and you have like your fav show you always watch? A few of mine are, Bones, Lie to Me, Friends (yes reruns are amazing), What Not To Wear, Say Yes To The Dress, SYTYCD, The Bachelorette/Bachelor. Those are the ones I like to stay updated on anyway. Are there ones that you got hooked because their introduction song/theme pulled you in? Usually not, but this one I just cannot get enough of. I could watch it over and over again. Its just very intriguing and makes me think. Each time I watch it there is a split second I consider going into phsycology or something like that. How interesting would it be to be able to tell if people are lying just by looking at their face? I actually go back and forth about whether or not I would want to know or not. Today in my current life I would love to be able to tell, maybe save myself from lots of heart ache and broken promises? Anyway im rambling and you probably have no idea what im talking about now. Just watch this introduction its choice is amazing also.

This is another one of my favorite introductions for some odd reason, not really sure why. Im not even a die hard fan who has to keep up on all the episodes (although last seasons, seasons finale was amazing).  Maybe I just love the red heels. Ridiculous sexy in my opinion, and I dont use that word often at all.

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