Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ten Toes and 36 Weeks

        Hello all! So while at Disneyland my cousin had her toes painted. The glitter toes things thats getting more popular now and I got super jealous. Of course looking at my half painted toe nails that needed to be cut did the trick. Unfortunately I dont have glitter toes so I didn't really do anything about it until yesterday. My mom gave me back all my nail polish that I had let my sister use for her birthday party like 2 months ago. So I decided to just paint them, not expecting it to be difficult, I paint my nails all the time no problem. Started on my left foot and was like oh crap this is going to be harder than it looks. Having a tiny foot jammed into your rib while painting your nail isnt so pleasant. Boy the things we do for beauty. Painted them successfully and than found my lil sisters stash of nail polish (I just gave her about 12 of my nail polishes I never use, or the crappy stuff since I buy the O.P.I. Stuff now). Anyway she had a glitter nail polish that I opened to see how glittery it was (mine just do a thin coat of a little glitter) and hers was a lot more glittery so I used it (dont tell her). I had to do about 3 coats of it, but total succcess!
I am very pleased and yes took a picture of them to show you. Also to show off my tan line, that I can see a lot better in person than in the picture. This proves that Elizabeth Berlin is capable of getting tan! Bet ya never thought that would happen! Im proud of it as small as it may be. Look hard, but its a tan line from my wonderful flip flops, and with only 2 full days in the sun. Its the silly little small things that make me so happy.......or im just easily amused. 
       So onto more present things! I am officially 36 weeks. EEEKKK! 4 more weeks to go, its on to the count down.Yes I have a basketball under my shirt, thats totally what it tooks like huh? Im grateful I havent gained weight anywhere else. When I went to the Dr.s the other day he said her head is already down at my cervix. YAY! But im not dialated yet......blerg! Thats good though ya? Still hoping and praying to be like 2 weeks early wouldnt mind earlier though haha. The funny thing is everyone is like well ya anyone whos pregnant wants it to come earlier. Im not wanting her to come earlier because im tired of being pregnant (although every other night actually sleeping is interesting) im wanting her to come earlier so I can get on with my life. Yes I know thats being selfish, but its about time to be selfish ya? Im trying to justify it haha! I dunno just looking at the time line and possibly going back out to Utah and getting a job would be a lot more difficult mid october opposed to mid september. We'll see about the money situation though. Never got my check from Chili's and cant decide if its worth it to go through all the hassle. And my tax money or what not, I still havent done my taxes dont worry I filed for an extention I just need to do it soon. Im blabbing on yay me! So ultimately im ready for the next trial and tired of this waiting game! Bring It On!

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