Thursday, September 2, 2010

18 Things You May Not Know About Me

        This is just another one of my glorious lists. I got the idea of thought from Naturally Nina my new blog crush. I have a new one about every other week, I love it, yet sometimes I think im following too many blogs. Some get old quickly too!
        This list is things you may not know about me........even if you are my best friend. Everyone has their own little secrets they keep. Obviously, people keep secrets....these arent real real secrets (because if they were why would I be telling you?) theyre just random things about me and my life that I dont think people know.

1. I had my first "real" pretend boyfriend in 4th grade and when I moved to CA I had to tell everyone about him
2. My favorite part about Grandma's house was the twin pops she always had
3. Even though I hate crying, give me a bag of chips, ice cream, cozy blanket, and a sappy girl movie I LOVE crying by myself
4. Guilty pleasure I have when it comes to shopping......organizing containers
5. I plan/re-plan/over plan my wedding every night while falling asleep
6. I prefer to drive barefoot
7. I'm tongue twisted.......literally
8. Im a quote-a-holic, im going to be one of those moms who has a billion quotes all over her house
9. I had my frist kiss New Years Eve 2005 when I was 15
10. I watched Yu-Gi-Oh in high school (my justification it was christophers tv and i didnt want to do homework)
11. I have probably had cheese cake as my birthday cake more often then normal cake
12. I got sent to the principals office in 3rd for yelling at my teacher
13. I love chewing on ice
14. I enjoy folding laundry
15. I was a classic skater for 2 years (like ice skating but old school 4-wheel skates)
16. I cut my own hair in high school
17. I broke my middle toe at my 8th grade graduation dance (I claim Heavenly Father was punishing me because I was only 13)
18. I couldnt think of another one, but it kills me to have odd numbers so this is #18

          Well maybe you learned something you didnt already know, maybe not. Nonetheless Im amusing myself. Woke up today and realized there was absolutely nothing to do, so this is better than nothing.  
(baby update, still closed tightly shut, no contractions, nada, doc says she weighs about 6 1/2-7lbs now, fasting on sunday if you want to join)

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