Friday, September 17, 2010

Olivia Lea Barry (part 2)

Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy/Child Birth
(you didnt think i could get away without making a list did you?)
1. You may make it to 30 weeks with no strecth marks, but theyre just around the corner
2. Your body some how manages to run on little sleep, insomnia will find you
3. Child Birth isnt really all that bad (with an epidural)
4. You might actually like your delivery nurses
5. You will feel incredibly skinny even seconds after the baby comes out
6. No matter how many times you curse at your stomach and the stretch marks during the pregnancy, afterward you might actually smile when you see them afterwards
7. Someone should have told me not to complain so much, because once its over you'd give anything to go back in time
8. Your hair gets luscious, thick, and wonderful....cherish it while you can, you will loose hair in chunks afterward
9. Your stomach goes down quicker than expected as well as your weight 
The number 1 (well 10 in this list) thing I wish I would have known about before (is completely random but surprised the heck out of me) is 10 the "labor shakes"! No one said so when your in labor and having contractions its going to feel like someone shot you up with loads and loads of caffeine and your body will shake (like when you have a fever and you get the shivers really badly). The nurses did reassure me that this was normal, but still a little frightening (maybe thats because I got an epidural????? I dont know)

All in all I think I did enough reading, got enough advice, and listened well enough to expect most everything that happened during the pregnancy, labor and delivery. Cant thank Heavenly Father enough because I was so blessed with a smooth (and dare I say) easy pregnancy.

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