Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Olivia Lea Barry (part 4)

   I'm partially expecting possible bad news later this evening so I need a "pick me up". Get my head in the right place type of thing (if you dont understand I have no idea how to explain it better sorry). What a better way then to write about Livvy :D In my first Olivia Lea Barry post I mentioned that I would blog about some of her little quirks she had that I adored. And since Im on that organization kick im going to write it in list form......with bullet points :D
  •    she always had/has her fingers and hands up by her face! its even cuter when she would put her long skinny finger into her mouth
  • I realize all babies do this, but she makes the cutest noises ever almost as if trying to get your attention (even at a day old)
  • the "disgusted" look she would give me when trying to take a picture and the flash was too bright
  •  how she would cry if she was cold, not a shrieking baby cry but a cute one i have no idea how to explain that either (my moms comment when she saw this picture was "oh look a typical Berlin face" I guess she takes after me hahahaha)
  • the way she would push her legs to go straight when she was wrapped up in the blank

proof of bullet point #3

  • her breathing when she sleeps
  • the way she would blink while looking at me
  • one thing I really remember from both pregnancy and when she was born were her hiccups, i have never heard or seen a baby hiccup that often. She did it almost every night while i was pregnant with her and then pretty much always after she ate. Too cute though! 
   So sorry about the multiple posts in one day, I just wanted to share my happy thoughts. Plus who knows how long it will be before I blog again (watch I'll probably blog again tomorrow....great now I totally have to make an effort not to). Im saying that because I tend to not blog if I think Ill only have negative things to say, although I do see my case worker tomorrow maybe that will help. Hmmm.....well thanks for reading again!

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  1. She is very beautiful Berlin! And, by the way, I really enjoy reading your blog...even if its not all sunshine and daisies. Real life is not always "perfect", and that's perfectly okay. Hang in there!