Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Organization Kick

   If you havent noticed Im on some sort of organization kick.......although I havent been super organized. Its difficult to be as organized as I want to be when im living in someone else house. Just one of those things I cant wait for, to be able to organize my own house someday. Someday! Color coordinated closests, bins with labels, baskets for laundry with labels, organized pantry and fridge (i debate about this being possible or totally ridiculous), and Ill know where all the dishes go, books, movies, etc. Ya ya I get it im kind of a dork like that, but its ok.
   I think thats why I write lists so often. Theyre completely organized! So while blog hopping (im working on finding something more productive to do with my life) I came across this lady's blog. She has a post about her "Life Binder" which is so totally smart. I always try to get a planner like that set up but always get frustrated trying to find a system that works for me. Lucky me, she posted a link to her templates she uses, and oh are they super organized :D So im going to try and use them......not that it will be filled with much, but if it works im set for  life! She has her own inspirational quote about goals at the top, it didnt really inspire me so I switched it to one Albert Einstein said "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things". So you could switch it to whatever you want. I also made some of the boxes bigger, but all in all im excited to start using it and see how it works out!             

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