Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Past Due!

                     So I have officially made it one day past my due date.......oh the joy! How can I put that more sarcastically? The past 2 days the question I've gotten most is "How are you feeling?" my response is fine. Because honestly I feel perfectly fine pregnant wise. But emotionally im so ready to be done! I mean of course im more that ready to be done physically also, but not because im uncomfortable. Whenever I tell someone I cant sleep they always assume its because I cant get comfortable. This couldnt be further from the truth. Anytime I lay down in my bed I fall in love with it all over again its so comfortable and my blankets are heavenly, along with the 5 pillows I have :D but actually falling asleep is absolutely impossible. So I guess yes after laying in bed for 2 hours not able to fall asleep it gets uncomfortable and I have to get up and start doing something. Anyone have any ideas why I cant fall asleep? Its like I have to get to the point of exhaustion before I can fall asleep, mind you thats usually about 330 am although its been getting progressively later......earlier?????about 530 am. so then what so I do the next day? sleep in until one because im exhausted! Except last night was awful woke up every 2 hours until about 830 and then every hour after that. I got up for about an hour at 11 and went back to sleep because I could hardly keep my eyes open. Anyway.........I was due yesterday, I have another Dr. apt on wednesday and im hoping to hear some good news. Like amazing, jaw dropping news like im at 3cm or something crazy like that. Meh I dont want to be induced! Except at the same time, whatever makes this go faster. I am ready.......sooooo ready to take these next emotions head on. Slap em in my face, shove them down my throat ready! because the quicker that happens the quicker I come back to reality. Then can I start figuring out life as it will be. I think im getting more selfish as I get closer to delivering.......hope thats a normal thing? All will come to a close sooner than Im expecting im sure.

p.s. if you've called me, texted me, or tried to contact me in anyway, yes im ignoring you and believe me when i say its nothing personal. as cliche as that sounds, im just not in the mood to really talk to anyone and go through the 9 yards of my life again. rehashing it just makes it that much harder. but i do truly appreciate the effort in contacting me and the thoughts. I truly do its crazy how many people in my life want to be there for me and i cant thank you enough. ill make it up to you one day because im sure not responding to you is not the greatest way to show my appreciation. im sorry but am grateful!

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