Friday, October 1, 2010

Bucket List (ish)

  1. Go on a study abroad
  2. Go to the Hollywood Cemetetry and see movie
  3. Go to the San Fransisco flower market
  4. Take a row boat out in Central Park (NYC)
  5. Swing on a Trapeez 
  6. Bungee jump?????(still debating)
  7. "Swim" with sting ray again 
  8. Stay in a hotel in Time Square with a view
  9. Take a road trip cross country (preferably with husband, or close friends)
  10. See Mt. Rushmore
  11. Kiss barefoot in the rain (not sprinkling, like full on raining)
  12. Visit the "Love" park in Philly
  13. Travel around Europe a separate time from study abroad  
Im sure I will add to it later on in life

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