Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commercials (2)

I only posted a few of the commercials I wanted to share, so im posting the rest of them today. I had to limit them to only 6 because there are tons of other ones. These are just my absolute favorite. There is another wheat thins ive seen which is pretty classic, but youll have to go look it up yourself, or hop on over to their website. And the all state mayhem ones are all pretty dang hilarious! Theres like a whole series of those ones.

Oh man I cannot help but smile on this last one.....HILARIOUS! Boys.....GET A LIFE! i totally believe that this is something that would happen. What makes the commercial so great is that its a guy doing it hahaha (who is Liz Lemons ex boy friend that likes to randomly pop up on 30 rock, i forgot his name though)

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