Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm A Mormon

So while looking at a friends blog she mentioned Of course Ive been to it multiple times, but honestly I go to way more often(go figure). So I headed on over to to read/watch other peoples "stories". Just about their lives and who they are besides being a  mormon, but also how being a mormon is apparent in their daily lives. These are my two favorite! If you tend to me an emotional person prepare to tear up. Im not a very emotional person unless it comes to children.....ive always been more emotional about children i.e. loosing one, feeling for them, etc. Its been like that since forever. Now with the added experience of pregnancy and adoption im more emotional about things like that. What im getting at is read this alone if your embarrassed of crying where others can see you haha.

Of course this got me thinking! A lot about the apprehensions im having. Especially the first video got me thinking. Theres a part of me that is relieved that Ive been through such a difficult trial because that means possibly thats going to be the hardest trial ill ever have to go through. But then I get freaked out because I had such a difficult trial so early on that maybe it was preparing me for an even harder more trying trial that awaits me. I cant really imagine going through something harder! I mean I really dont want to (who wants trials?). So part of me feeling scared to move on with life, move, get a job, meet new people is that means life moves on, which means trials are to come. So staying at home immobilized makes more sense because its safe and practically a fail proof way to not come upon another trial (at least thats how it is in my head). I know its a ridiculous notion! And I also know that im going to move on, with the trials right around the corner. I just have to figure out how to not be anticipating the trials because that will only make life harder. Immobilize me! Im ok honestly this is just stuff that came up literally like 20 min ago and its just stuff i have to think through. Ill probably be over it tomorrow if not sooner. Ultimately the point of this blog is to share these videos with you, encourage you to go to the site. Read/watch others profiles on their lives as a mormon(if you watch them on youtube, dont read the comments itll just make you angry that people are so ignorant). Also what a great missionary opportunity! Send your coworkers, friends, store cashiers, whomever to the site. Might intrigue them to want to know more :D
I am Berlin, im 21, a college student, a birth mom, a daughter, a friend, a sister, and ready to conquer my future!


  1. Go conquer, Berlin! We love you and we're praying for you as you open this next chapter of your life.

  2. I love this post Berlin! You can do it!!!