Saturday, October 9, 2010

Read the Printed Word

Hey Friends! Did a little update on my blog, now you can check out the blogs I look at most, as well as my good friends blogs that I truly love reading. I however need to become better at posting comments if I expect them in return haha.
Anyway what this post is really about is "Read the Printed Word" just a great idea that esb and cevd put together. I have posted in on my page because I am and will take the pledge to read the printed word, i.e. books, newspaper, magazines. In todays world too many people depend on the internet and other electronics for their reading. So in todays world I want to continue reading from paper. I strongly encourage you all to take this pledge too. Books are so unique, the smells each new book comes with, the smoothness of the binding, the occasional art work, just pages and pages of wonderfulness. I wish I was more of an eloquent writer (isnt that why there are writers? who publish books? because they can write better than I do right ;D) and could express my thoughts better and I would let you know how dedicated I feel to this pledge. Click the link and get your button and take the pledge!

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