Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes Please!

Oh my I wouldnt mind some cuddling with this sweet thing!
He models here! I really like they're clothes, I just need some more money:D

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is What I Want!

  Someone to look at me with soft gentle, loving eyes
  Feel the rough yet familiar calluses on his hands
  Warm tender arms to hold me
  I want to get married!
  Hours of useless laughter
  Someone to cry with 
  Burnt dinners every other night 
  I want to be a newlywed
  Hands engulfing my stomach
  Quick swift kicks to feel 
  Restless nights 
  Midnight grocery runs
  I want to be pregnant!
  Skin so soft 
  Tender tears of joy 
  Hours of agony that turn into pure joy 
  Cries that mean I need you 
  Thousands of ounces of love in the air 
  I want to be have a baby!
  Bad report cards
  Tight hugs that say "never let go" 
  More burnt dinners 
  Baseball games and dance shows
  Nights of sitting on the couch watching movies 
  Running late to church 
  One night getaways 
 I want to be a mom and a wife!
  College applications 
  Trips around the world 
  Move south every time it gets cold
  Still feel the calluses on his hands 
  Have those warm arms hold me as tight as possible
  Sweet kisses on the forehead
  Hours and hours of laughter
 I want to get wrinkles and grow old with my husband!
  I want a normal no nonsense life!!!!!!!!

So why am I being so stupid again??????Why??????