Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Nekles

   So one of the wonderful things about coming home is I live with a ten year old who has the greatest imgaination EVER! Just to share with you, this is a story he wrote up the other day that he shared with me.
Chapter 1 The Nekles The Necklace
  There was a boy age of 17, his name was mendigo and he liked just laying on his bed and thinking about imaginary things that didnt exist in thei world. It was a week after christmas and he got a turtle he names foo because he had no idea what else to name him. He had a best friend who came to his house every weekedn but he wasnt coming when he usually does. I was waiting for for him 30 more minutes when fnally i heard a knock on the door. and opened it. There standing at the door was my friend buckex he had black hair bushy eye brows and and the part I like the best was he had grey eyes. I asked him why he was late and he said you'll see. we went to my bedroom chated about things then i said do you want to go somewhere he said yes but after this. whats this i said then he pulled out a necklace it has a claw holding a green gem, he said it was a late christmas gift then he said theres only three different colors left in the world. I asked him where did you get it, he said the black market.

So I didnt spell the whole story how he did otherwise it might have taken you logner to read it. haha and I like how it changes from him being the narrator to him being the 17 year old boy. Too cute huh? Great story i mean hes good right? Introduces the characters, giving a hook, makes you want to read more huh? I realize its not completely pulled together like obviously there are things missing. But just imagine what he'll be able to write when he is 17 haha I love him to death!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something Kind of Wonderful

Ok so I really dont know what to write about, but I do know that my last post, needs to not be the ridt post people see when they come to my blog. It was depressing and quite frankly even though life sucked that day, thats not how my life is. It just catches me by surprise which is so stupid because I knew I was pmsing but who knew that after youre pregnant its that bad????

Well im flying home tomorrow and couldnt be more excited. Im excited to see my Dad and "talk business", excited to see Hunter and hear his belly laugh, im excited to see Tabs and talk about girly things...maybe have a ridiculous argument or two (i never had a sister to fight and argue with and i dont care if im 21 im going to live up to that stereotype haha), Im excite to see Christopher and hear secrets and see how much taller he has gotten that kid is seriously TALL! I have no doubt that he will be taller than my dad. Im also excited to see my mommy, and just hear her voice. This may sound odd, but her voice is so familiar to me, like even more so then my dads. I wish I could explain it but theres a level of comfort and safety that comes with hearing her voice, no matter how many arguments weve gotten into. Shes my mommy. Oh and im excited to see my puppy Boston, my love, my baby, my pookie! He was the first thing I ever felt to real love. If you dont have pets I fear you will not understand what im saying, but if you do have pets its incredible that bond you form with them huh? Theres just something kind of wonderful about going home!

Oh hey this is my new favorite blog 

Speaking of blogs, let get this hair blog on its way people! That will be a new years resolution I believe. Lets brainstorm names..... Starving Hairstylist? (or something to that effect but no im not literally starving). If we want to go with tv show type titles Styling with the Stars (too cheesy i kinda think so) or So You Think Youre a Stylist (hahahahaha). um.....Charming Cosmetologist? Enchanted Styles by Berlin? Youre Beautician? Hair Couture? Couture Stylist? Im kind of liking something with couture????? Help I want advice which one grabs your attention? hooks you? sucks you in to a world of lavishing hair design, advice, and suggestions? This is going to be big people BIG!!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ultimate Death (warning!caution!danger!dont read!)

Ok so I really dont intend anyone to actually read it, i just need to write and for some reason writing in a journal on paper isnt doing crap for me. Oh and not leave any comments on this post! (bet ya never thought youd hear me say that huh?)

Z is dead
DPJ is dead
Which leaves me feeling completely dead inside.

Why is it that you need physical people and physical touch to make you feel alive? I dont understand life, nor do wish to make any sense of it because it hurts. DEAD! is going home to my family really going to help? I mean im thrilled about going home and everything, but is that just going to make me feel more hurt and dead? I want to be happy at home with my family I do, but they can always tell when im having a hard time. I just want them to see me happy see that im progressing. Truth is though im not, im not and they can already tell just from phone calls. I can hardly listen to my mom or dads voice without crying. Its a lot easier to talk normal when you only say 3 words at a time. I dont like life, this wasnt suppose to be life, life is great and full of energy. Mines not though.....this is dead life. I need someone male or female to just walk into my life and 1 help me realize what im doing and 2 give me reason to be better. There is no rhyme or reason to my life right now which leave me with no motivation to do anything. Im almost past the point of going through the motions. Something is seriously wrong with me. Please please please I am begging all the nerdy brainy scientist crazies out there to make a time machine and let me go back 2 years....just two years is all im begging for. Then Z wouldnt be dead nor would DPJ for that matter, and I would be happy. Life wouldnt by any means be perfect but id be happy. Maybe even married in the temple......thats never going to happen is it? Too much effort in that, whats the point. I think I just might spend all day in bed tomorrow......or on the couch like today:D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Say What?

Ah can you believe its been practically a month since ive written? Thats insane, i thought that day would never come! Life update........lets just say life isnt/hasnt been all that great. Atleast not great enough to mention anything. I work for Golds Gym whenever I want to basically, hopefully in the new few months ill get an hour job doing all sorts of paperwork. Which is kind of what I love to do.......anything that means being ORGANIZED :D
Well i get to go home in less than a week, i cannot wait! Im not home sick per se, but i want a break from this awful reality. Sometimes life sucks to but it bluntly! Ive got to get back on top of my "game". Not my dating game.......boys are the whole reason life sucks right now. I wish they would just leave me be to figure out my life. But I suppose thats the attraction right? Not giving them the time of day and being vulnerable on top of that. This is what I call a recipe for disaster!!!! I need to cleanse the pallet again, so i feel that going home will be so good. Especially since i still dont have a good job thats making me decent money.
Ok also I was talking to my roommate Julie just about wanting a good blog, like how do you hook people to get lots of followers. sponsors, etc. etc. My life is worth writing about, but just because its worth writing about doesnt meant that its interesting to random strangers right? So we came to the conclusion that I need to have a HAIR blog. Right doesnt that seem only logical? There are a billion fashion, design, craft, and wedding blogs right. But theres only a vast majority of hair blogs. Maybe there are some amazing ones, ive just yet to find them. So in my mind there arent many:D The big question is how do you get a big following???? I must figure out this blogging world. How much fun would that be? I love hair, so why not completely indulge myself into it? Dumb question huh? Ya I thought so too. Hopefully im quirky enough to get these strangers to listen to me.