Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Nekles

   So one of the wonderful things about coming home is I live with a ten year old who has the greatest imgaination EVER! Just to share with you, this is a story he wrote up the other day that he shared with me.
Chapter 1 The Nekles The Necklace
  There was a boy age of 17, his name was mendigo and he liked just laying on his bed and thinking about imaginary things that didnt exist in thei world. It was a week after christmas and he got a turtle he names foo because he had no idea what else to name him. He had a best friend who came to his house every weekedn but he wasnt coming when he usually does. I was waiting for for him 30 more minutes when fnally i heard a knock on the door. and opened it. There standing at the door was my friend buckex he had black hair bushy eye brows and and the part I like the best was he had grey eyes. I asked him why he was late and he said you'll see. we went to my bedroom chated about things then i said do you want to go somewhere he said yes but after this. whats this i said then he pulled out a necklace it has a claw holding a green gem, he said it was a late christmas gift then he said theres only three different colors left in the world. I asked him where did you get it, he said the black market.

So I didnt spell the whole story how he did otherwise it might have taken you logner to read it. haha and I like how it changes from him being the narrator to him being the 17 year old boy. Too cute huh? Great story i mean hes good right? Introduces the characters, giving a hook, makes you want to read more huh? I realize its not completely pulled together like obviously there are things missing. But just imagine what he'll be able to write when he is 17 haha I love him to death!

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