Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Say What?

Ah can you believe its been practically a month since ive written? Thats insane, i thought that day would never come! Life update........lets just say life isnt/hasnt been all that great. Atleast not great enough to mention anything. I work for Golds Gym whenever I want to basically, hopefully in the new few months ill get an hour job doing all sorts of paperwork. Which is kind of what I love to do.......anything that means being ORGANIZED :D
Well i get to go home in less than a week, i cannot wait! Im not home sick per se, but i want a break from this awful reality. Sometimes life sucks to but it bluntly! Ive got to get back on top of my "game". Not my dating game.......boys are the whole reason life sucks right now. I wish they would just leave me be to figure out my life. But I suppose thats the attraction right? Not giving them the time of day and being vulnerable on top of that. This is what I call a recipe for disaster!!!! I need to cleanse the pallet again, so i feel that going home will be so good. Especially since i still dont have a good job thats making me decent money.
Ok also I was talking to my roommate Julie just about wanting a good blog, like how do you hook people to get lots of followers. sponsors, etc. etc. My life is worth writing about, but just because its worth writing about doesnt meant that its interesting to random strangers right? So we came to the conclusion that I need to have a HAIR blog. Right doesnt that seem only logical? There are a billion fashion, design, craft, and wedding blogs right. But theres only a vast majority of hair blogs. Maybe there are some amazing ones, ive just yet to find them. So in my mind there arent many:D The big question is how do you get a big following???? I must figure out this blogging world. How much fun would that be? I love hair, so why not completely indulge myself into it? Dumb question huh? Ya I thought so too. Hopefully im quirky enough to get these strangers to listen to me.

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