Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something Kind of Wonderful

Ok so I really dont know what to write about, but I do know that my last post, needs to not be the ridt post people see when they come to my blog. It was depressing and quite frankly even though life sucked that day, thats not how my life is. It just catches me by surprise which is so stupid because I knew I was pmsing but who knew that after youre pregnant its that bad????

Well im flying home tomorrow and couldnt be more excited. Im excited to see my Dad and "talk business", excited to see Hunter and hear his belly laugh, im excited to see Tabs and talk about girly things...maybe have a ridiculous argument or two (i never had a sister to fight and argue with and i dont care if im 21 im going to live up to that stereotype haha), Im excite to see Christopher and hear secrets and see how much taller he has gotten that kid is seriously TALL! I have no doubt that he will be taller than my dad. Im also excited to see my mommy, and just hear her voice. This may sound odd, but her voice is so familiar to me, like even more so then my dads. I wish I could explain it but theres a level of comfort and safety that comes with hearing her voice, no matter how many arguments weve gotten into. Shes my mommy. Oh and im excited to see my puppy Boston, my love, my baby, my pookie! He was the first thing I ever felt to real love. If you dont have pets I fear you will not understand what im saying, but if you do have pets its incredible that bond you form with them huh? Theres just something kind of wonderful about going home!

Oh hey this is my new favorite blog 

Speaking of blogs, let get this hair blog on its way people! That will be a new years resolution I believe. Lets brainstorm names..... Starving Hairstylist? (or something to that effect but no im not literally starving). If we want to go with tv show type titles Styling with the Stars (too cheesy i kinda think so) or So You Think Youre a Stylist (hahahahaha). um.....Charming Cosmetologist? Enchanted Styles by Berlin? Youre Beautician? Hair Couture? Couture Stylist? Im kind of liking something with couture????? Help I want advice which one grabs your attention? hooks you? sucks you in to a world of lavishing hair design, advice, and suggestions? This is going to be big people BIG!!!!!!

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  1. I totally agree with your comment about hearing your mothers voice. There is nothing more reassuring then hearing your mothers voice after a hard day.