Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Hometown Girl

So the weather man guessed his nickname....but i dont think that he knows how to get to my blog, hmph unless its on his little page thing???? I dont know!!!! Anyway met his parents this weekend theyre really nice, his family life/situation really reminds me of me and my family. Sometimes how he interacts with them scares me, but only because i think im starting to notice he's a lot more like me than i thought. Which by no means is that a bad thing!
Not that we've been doing much while were here, but im enjoying myself! its comfortable and who doesnt like that feeling? Im pretty sure we're going back tomorrow we were going to leave on saturday to go back and dance with his roommate, but i didnt really want to. I like being here.......and having a bed to sleep in ;)
So he lives in a really small town.....i think my hometown is smaller but i live right next to bigger towns so its hardly noticeable. But what im noticing is its not much different from my home. yes lots of people are "hicks" or "red necks" and wear jeans to church, but who cares. Its an older town which quite frankly sort of scared me in my younger years. But driving around with him makes me feel comfortable, yet shallow.....extremely shallow. "oh bobby jackson use to live around the corner from me" "so did a lot of the kings basketball players" "see that white house? eddie murphy use to live there" Jeez get a life berlin! I know im all scatter brained again.....but what im getting at is while being here ive 1 fallen more for the weather man,  2 been humbled a but 3 grateful for where im from and 4 had a good carefree weekend! Ive needed that life is still way too stressed beyond anything!!!!!

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