Monday, January 24, 2011

No Longer Undercover

So I've been watching the Bachelor, love love love this show. Mostly because i get to live vicariously through it HA! So this new Bachelor Brad something or other has been on it before and didnt pick either one of the girls........I dont really care actually just thought I'd give you some background.
So I think there are 13 girls no 11 i think they eliminated 2 tonight? not quit sure. Psh not what im trying to get at (scatter brained today......the boy is suppose to pick me up but no gas, but my car is there ha! frustrating)
I feel like the Bachelor exposes women. Like there are so many crying girls on that show, and a lot of girls dont cry i realize that. It shows all their insecurities, weaknesses, and bitchyness (excuse the language). I dont know i mean i love the show and obviously thousands if not millions of other people also watch the show. But really abc you cant let every guy in the nation know how crazy, violent, and insecure women of america are these days. Ugh even though im not on it i feel naked and over exposed!
And ya, boys are stupid right now......wont come pick me up? i thought we were over that....get it, no neither, but if my car stays there then i get booted or a ticket or worse towed.....blerg! I think ive just been in a weird mood the last few days and itll get over it once i see the weather boy? that usually happens.
p.s. ive decided to give nicknames to boys in my life....currently there is 1 weather boy(the main boy in my life) 2 Z(still loving wish i could see him) 3 apx (usually out of town so not too much happening) boy 4 claw (christmas fling but not? havent talked to him since but major crushing) hahahahahahaha "im so funny sometimes" hm and weather boy is the boy like if i kiss someone else its cheating! a friend said he was what im using to get over a certain someone....which could be true i dont think so, but if that is the case, then oh well at least ill get over him right? (secretly i dont want to get over him...ssshhh!!!)

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