Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potatoe Chips

Hola! sorry its been so long life has been crazy!
1-was homeless for 2 months (pretty much literally)
2-ive been weeding out more "bad" friends
3-got a really amazing job like fantastic its 35hrs a week 9-5 mon-fri
4- signed a contract to a new condo (spent my whole 1st pay check)
thats just the really incredibly readers digest version of my life! what i wanted to post about was this meeting im at for work. Its for the UVHBA so im the only one under 25 and the only girl! We are watching the NCAA and recruiting builder to sign up for the HBA not that this mean anything to you reading this! So they provide lunches at these things right! Today its hamburgers and such. Remember when you were a little kid and you always wanted to get the last bag of potatoe chip Lays? And now you kind of look back and think about how ridiculous it was that you wanted the Lays so badly? Well believe it or not.....grown middle aged men are still the same. At this luncheon when i went to go get my lunch maybe 15 min after they set lunch out there was 1 bag of lays left. And yes I took it!!!!! But how funny that even as adults we resort to our childish ways without even realizing it. Kind of funny huh? Anyway just thought I would share and hope you enjoy, ill be back soon :D

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