Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair Color 2

ok....sweet im getting some really great feed back and am loving it! I found some more pictures that I really like and am posting them so let me know which of these you like the best.
Some of my commentary to your comments, blerg! yes i love changing my hair and i do it way too often, but whatever im a hair stylist and cant control myself. I dont want to put hardly any red in because I just had red hair about a year ago. Maybe red lowlights or tiny hints here and there but not red. Yes im very very aware that I looke best with blonde hair. Lets forget that I look best with blonde and go from there yer?
Also some other quick thoughts on brown vs. blonde browns tend to look older a bit more mature blondes are ditzy and stupid brunettes are sultry blondes are cute (could be skanky) Another odd thing I noticed which you may think im crazy but im sticking to this. Whenever I have blonde hair i feel like guys notice me more (which also means girl glare more often) then when I have brown hair. And since im single again I want guys noticing me, i know im a cute attractive girl and no matter what hair color i have ill look good, but should i worry about guys noticing me? (especially with Elder Oaks talk this afternoon and everything sheesh!) On top of all this ive never been someone to "follow the seasons" per se but if i go dark thats completely opposite of what season is coming up. Also since my hair is pretty bleach fryed my hair waves amazingly which = amazing beach wavy hair that could possibly go away if I do brown because it will fill in some of the disulfide bonds (if you even know what im trying to explain). Also I know Z likes darker hair, so did bird face and I feel like the guys I go after tend to like darker hair? Plus its always shallows jerks that seem to go after blondes! kk i need to go to bed, here are the pictures :D
I like this one because I feel like the hair cut is almost identical to the one i have know so its easy to picture my hair brown with this picture (oh cute baby bump!)

Love this too, not as dark as the one above but I think its so chic and stunning.....I really dont want to have matte brown hair at all! 

Here hair is pretty much to die for! 

love love how ashy beige this looks, yes im sure how the picture is photoshopped adds to it, but i really like it! ive had this picture for years! 
So what do you think again....sorry for being such a girl HA! but this is a process I want opinions on, just please dont get offended if i end up choosing what I want like chopping it all off and going black ;) this is something i will share the whole process with you! Maybe ill even document it with yall when I finally get my hair did! Loves

p.s. thanks morgan for both brown hair pictures theyre making it into my hair file on the comp...and on my blog, i really appreciated it!


  1. Well... I know that I LOVE you as a blonde, and you know that too, haha. But I do really like the first picture of the brunette a lot. I think maybe you should keep some blonde though but just as like highlights... what would look REALLY good is if you dyed the blonde a little bit darker, like a dark carmel or something with the first brunette's color. Idk. Also you should let me do it ;)

  2. One more thing... I also LOVE the first picture of the blonde!! her hair is awesome. looks like she just has some like light brown lowlights to it or something... that would look really good on you too.