Friday, April 1, 2011

Hair Color?

Hey I went to the color festival this past saturday, and a week later i still have pink in my hair! Its bad! Now that I have a semi professional job i shouldnt have pink hair, but i went to 3 business meetings this week with pink hair i felt extremely unprofessional blerg! But oh well, but my boss has mentioned TWICE that I should dye it.......but if I bleach over it itll kill it. I've known that the next thing I want to do is go dark brown like I had in high school. What a better time then now right? except at the same time I know have long hair and have never had practically platinum long blonde hair. But now that I've been entertaining the though of dark hair I think I really want to do it. But it took me almost a year to get this blonde, and my poor cousin who always colors my hair always always has this massive project when it comes to my hair. I tend to do drastic changed to my hair when things in my life are changes....for instance weather boy is moving back to Idaho in the next few weeks, and unfortunately I care about him more than I ever expected which is so freaking stupid. Another reason to change my hair color all guys i "date" almost always tend to like brunettes better, so I could just fool them right? ;) and also I think im a little more of a brunette personality then a blonde? Or rather i'd like to think im more of a brunetter personality rather than a bimboy blonde? I dont know.....what are your opinions (damn i wish more ppl read this so i could get more opinions) Ill upload pictures of what blonde I like and which brown I like/am thinking about!

Ok I mostly uploaded this because I loved her hair at the oscars it was absolutely perfect. This was by far the best hair style/color I've ever seen on her!

Ok ok i know im a tad bit crazy for liking this blonde, but theres no gold :D 

Also not many gold tones in her hair, I love ashy beige blonde and I feel like mine still has a little too many golden tones to it 

This I like because the top is darker, I use to hate this technique.....Sarah Jessica Parker & Jennifer Anniston both tend to do this to their hair often, its actually a style that has most definitely grown on me.I think this might be perfect for my hair so its not too too dark and brings out the right features & highlights, etc. 

And I just adore her hair dark, of course she has absolutely gorgeous blonde hair too though. Hmph!!!! what to do, what to do! Please keep in mind that I am very fair skinned to going dark is and has always been very tricky. The inbetween browns tend to wash me out, which is why I have picked such dark shades. Ive been dark brown before so please dont be scared for me, im pretty positive I know what Im doing. And for some reason I feel like brown might not be as much of an up keep because I might not have to have it foiled everytime I get my hair done. Only like every other time or go 2 times without once with etc. COMMENTS COMMENTS COMMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED!


  1. Hair color is always a hard decision. I always feel bad when Eliza does my hair, because it is either the same boring thing for like a million years or I want it all chopped of and a completely different color. Personally I really like being a brunette. I just feel more comfortable as well. So to sum up I would go with a darker and more natural brown done like jennifer garners hair. But then again i am a bit partial to that style at the moment...

  2. Stay blonde! I love your blonde hair :) ps this is chelsy :)

  3. i also love love love your blonde hair. i used to think the same thing about a blonde personality, but I don't anymore. But you could def do a brown too. But I say don't do it dark. If you're afraid of it washing you out, could you add a bit of red?? but i love you blonde! but i know how it gets when you just want a change. idk

    My vote: pretty brown that's not too dark

  4. ps i like the second blonde and i'm emailing you some browns i think are pretty :)