Friday, April 29, 2011


Im loving these things right now. Whether or not theyre in style right now I dont really care. I like them I just dont think I could pull them
Ya this is pretty much in style right now, but I dont know if my other clothes I wear would match with this style if you know what i mean 

dont know if suspenders are in style but ive always liked the idea of women wearing them.....I think im a little too top heavy to wear them?

Pretty sure I could wear this, this summer. Its just a matter of finding the right one, and the right things to wear with it. I seriously need a new wardrobe! 
Great thing about this is IM GETTING THEM! once I get paid the 5th and go get my hair did.....again. And im not gonna be so crazy with all the feathers probably like 1.......slightly possibly maybe 2? who knows but IM STOKED!

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