Monday, April 25, 2011

Tis The Season

Ok so first im going to side track really quick I was watching Fantasy Factory today and John Mayer was on who knows if the episode I was watching was a new or old one but it was on nonetheless. So my point.......WHAT IS UP WITH JOHN MAYER SLEEVE TATTOO? 

Ya weird right? 

Well what I'm actually blogging about today, "Tis The Season" for weddings! You all know how much I just absolutely love and adore weddings, but when everyone around me is getting married, when your cousin you grew up with in CA for 11 years is engaged, when your 18 still in high school cousin is engaged, when your best friend from high school is engaged, a friend I was in my sing and dance group with is engaged, A close friends younger sister is engaged, when another best friend just had her first baby, when I shouldve been married and already have a child, Tis The Season I just have to walk quickly past and swallow hard....daily! (and its only just starting I've yet to attend a wedding yet, who know how ill get through those) 
However things dont always work out how we planned do they? 
Its just a tough time for me, I want to be happy for people, and I am happy for people, I am! I just find myself having to constantly reminding myself that I am happy for them. I just feel like im looking for prince charming (except a grungyer, stylist, non cookie cutter type........more like Flynn Rider esc!) who doesnt exist. I know everyone says this I know I know I know, and yes I always think im the exception ;) Although im not completely skeptical, I do believe and almost know that he exists. Im just so freaking sick of waiting around. Please dont hate me for being a hater (hahahaha!) but im 21 almost 22 and yes in this almost ridiculous mormon community that I live in......Im getting old. Blewf! Its honestly starting to get to me. Today not so much, but other days A LOT! Anyway I have a major love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love planning and looking at wedding things but when it comes down to my life in that aspect it kinda blow. In due time, In due time! 

Too fun and way too cute!!!!

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