Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills & Kate

So the Royals are now wed. Yes the thought has crossed my mind to pull an all nighter so I might be able to watch it on TV. But realized how completely ridiculous that!!!! Yes the Royal Wedding is a huge deal.....but im not british! Wish I was but Im so not anywhere close to being european. Im about as American as they come!
Anyway I heard Daniel Radclif or however you spell his name make a comment that over here in the state we're making a bigger deal of the whole thing. Which I believe is true to an extent. Except have you seen how many people over there line the streets to just see them driving the car or carriage? Its crazy. Well i think he was half correct and half jealous that he didnt get invited to the wedding. Poor Daniel Radclift.....maybe if you didnt do nude plays people would think more highly of you? .....Just Saying!

Anyway here are some pictures....I think her dress is to die for! oh and Caye if youre reading this, Ive always thought that Kate Middleton reminds me of you :) And her wedding dress does as well. The lace is absolutely gorgeous Im not a huge fan of the waist least not for myself but she pulls it off amazingly. Im so impressed at how well she handled the crowds. I dont think ill be that calm even on my wedding day when maybe 30 people will be watching. I guess thats what you get from being famous. (if i could choose to be famous from 1just being famous 2 acting/celebrity or 3 being royal/marrying royal im pretty sure I would choose number 3) Oh and I love her neck like how it V's to a sweetheart top. So so classy, elegant, royal, yet chic, modern, and wonderful!


  1. I also super loved her dress. Very classy. I am glad you posted the pictures that is all I cared about ;)

  2. THanks Berlin! I love her and I take that as a huge compliment. Her dress is very beautiful, and funny thing is that I tried one one last week similar to the one she wore (however, her's was MUCH more amazing!)