Monday, May 30, 2011

Cause I'm Country Strong

   I think I mentioned in my last post that I watched Country Strong the other day? Im pretty much obssessed with it! Im not a country person, but I think that lifestyle intrigues me to no end. "I've got my gun, an my truck, an my boots" is more or less a good way to explain it. (Lucky me the weather man & Z are  kind of like that, not that I need to keep my mind on them or anything) But ya so I've been downloading the song track songs and know a lot of the words already haha im such a nerd I know but I love it!
So a little bit obssessed with Gwenyth Paltrow If I look anything like her when im 38 I'll be more then happy. Although she really really needs to not part her hair down the middle I hate it and dont like the way it looks. She's not a hippie! But ya she's really good in Country Strong

Leighton Meester is great also. I really really like her hair color.......a lot ;) and the relationship that her and the main guy character have in this movie is adorable!

Speaking of the guy....WOW! I cannot get enough of the scruffy guys. Although looking at pictures of him on google images, he's usually clean shaven which isnt bad, I just like him scruffy better. My dad always says your husband better be clean shaven on your wedding. Which I think he will be, but if he can grow a beard and wears it often I'm almost positive I'll have him growing it back the day after our wedding. Oh ya his name is Garrett Hedlund, I don't think he's been in too many other things but I think he did a fantastic job at acting.

Back to the whole boy/cowboy/scruffy look that I really like. My Dad always says he doesnt think I'm going to marry someone like that. Sometimes I try to picture the type of guy my Dad sees me marrying or if our pictures match? I dont think they do.......but shouldnt they? I mean obviously Im going to marry who I want to marry but I want my dad to like him and get along with him. I like guys that work with their hands, growing up I know I liked more bussiness oriented guys.....and I still do. I just think thats my side, Im the one that enjoys those things, does my husband have to also? To some extent especially if I ever end up having a career in that. Hmph! I want to go live in like Kentucky or Arkansas. I know this may sound really odd, but for some reason I see the country red neck hick life a little less overwhelming. The communities dont seem so stuck up and concerned about fashion, celebrities, styles, etc. Which is exactly how I grew up "ooohhhhh Daddys beamer huh?" is kind of the montage I feel I grew up around. No I want to go on family vacations to a cabin, ride 4 wheelers, go shoot a gun, sit by the fire. Yes I love sitting on the beach, but it all seems so superficial. I guess I can have that in Utah too even though I dont really like Utah lol. Just not Utah County please. Is this odd? I mean I want nice things, and I want to dress nicely still, dress my kids well, but hopefully there wont be so much pressure on my children to look picture perfect all the time? I want simplicity and I feel like if I marry someone with the same background as me, same lifestyle, grew up around LOTS of money, always saw nice cars. That I would be held to that standard for the rest of my life......I would feel the pressure to "keep up with the Jones'". Is that a ridiculous conclusion I've come to? Comments?

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