Saturday, May 21, 2011


I want to be that girl, her, the one

I want you to be the one, that guy I've been dreaming about

Where are you? I'm waiting.....Why does it hurt so much to be waiting for you?

I dont even know who you are, where you are, what you'll bring.


But I need you.....are you listening, I feel like im drowning and all I can think about is you

Are you not coming anymore? Do you know I messed things up?

Why do I feel like I've lost you when I've never even met you?

Are you there, reading this? Running out your door to come find me?

Everything will be alright when youre here

Can I just have you for one night? Give me hope!

Im sorry I didnt wait for you, I really wish I had

Maybe I would be having the "perfect" life if I had?

Do you know how much love im waiting to give you?

I dont know why im re-reading chapters of my book

Will you forgive me? Will you understand? Am I worth it?

I love

......Can you run a little faster? You'll find me hidden in the closet

I'm waiting for you.........YOU.....I wish I knew you already

Im always hoping/dreaming/thinking youre the next boy around the corner

I dont understand why im wasting my tears on someone who doesnt exist?

I know you'll come when I least expect it...

But I need you now, Im still one gets it

You will though huh? and even if you dont you'll be here

I'll be in your arms and it wont matter.....

Hey you........Im waiting!!!!!!!!!!

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