Monday, June 13, 2011

"I don't know if I can pull it off"

Hey all, so remember this post I posted a while back? Well I have accomplished 3 out of the 4 things ;) Something I've decided which I've know for a long time, but im rediscovering it lol. That styles/trends/fashion.....people always say "I dont know if i could pull it off?" which includes me i have said it countless times. But its all about your confidence level, whether or not you have enough "guts" or confidence to pull these things off. Who cares what other people think about you (yes i know its easier said then done), do what you want what makes you happy! Althoug I do understand when people may say this because they like it, but would not feel comfortable wearing something like that, whatever that is. Anyway Im proud to say that I have wore both the hat & glasses, and obviously have the feathers in my hair. I like that the feathers arent like every other persons feathers, theyre quail feathers instead, so not long, but I have 3 attatched to a strand of hair. It'll be the new thing ya? Oh and I decided I dont show pictures of myself very today Im going to.....but dont expect it super often.

Ha Ha I think I'm kind of funny! 
Oh and look at what I picked up today off of craigslist for $45 Oooooooooohhhhhhhh I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!


  1. can't wait to antique it!! You look awesome in the glasses. I've wanted to try but don't think they'll look good on me. And yes, I don't think I could pull them off haha

  2. I LOVE the dresser...just be careful of the addictiveness of craigslist and ksl ;)